Harlan J. Berk, USA-Chicago

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02-09-2015 – 01-01-1970

Personal Catalogue: The Walter Mustain Collection of Large Cents

Exceptional Collection of Large Cents offered by Harlan J. Berk

Walter was a passionate and knowledgeable collector and proud EAC member who collected for over 30 years and assembled a wonderful collection of over 1000 Large Cents by Sheldon and Newcomb numbers.

Over 100 pieces will be highlighted through HJB’s Personal Catalogue series while the rest can be found on the HJB web site. All coins offered in the collection will be available via fixed price.

Walter Mustain.

Walter was the collector’s collector focusing on acquiring new and interesting varieties rather than buying everything in the highest grade and dedicated an amazing amount of time to attributing each and every coin in the collection.

Coin flip written by the collector.

The excitement he showed when he discovered a scarce variety that he had never seen before is what coin collecting is all about. Walter was a dear friend and regular “on the scene” at HJB.

Draped Bust Large Cent, 1799, LDS, 1¢, VG10 , PCGS. Price: $11,000.

The collection is quite extensive with every date represented, including the elusive Chain Cent, Wreath Cent as well as the 1799 and 1804.

Here you can watch a video presentation of the collector’s brother, Harlan Berk, Mike Printz and David Greenstein on the collector and his collection.

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