Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.

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08-10-2014 – 01-01-1970

192th Buy or Bid Sale

Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. Launches New 192th Buy or Bid Sale

Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. bring their 192th Buy or Bid Sale ending on October 9, 2014. This sale is comprised of 440 ancient coins in all encompassing Greek, Roman and Byzantine and 50 antiquities and antique maps. Some of the highlights include:

  • Lot(s) 1-14: A wonderful group of early electrum coinage. These coins cover the earliest coins ever struck in ancient times in the Greek world. Please read the introduction to the electrum coin section in the forthcoming paper catalog to read more about these fascinating pieces.
  • Lot 28: A good example of the first portrait of Christ on a coin. This piece shows an Eastern-looking Christ and is priced according to condition. A great piece for those interested in owning a piece of such historical significance.

30: Nicephorus I; Syracuse, c. 802-811 AD, Solidus, 3.78g. Ricotti-Prina-22. Mint State. Estimate: $9,800.

  • Lot 30: A very rare solidus of Nicephorus I struck in Syracuse. This type is only known from a few specimens and recent Roma auction realized a significant hammer price of over $18,000. This specimen is equal in quality at a much lower price.
  • Lot 41: A beautifully struck example of a tetradrachm from Syracuse. Much beloved by all collectors of Greek coinage, this type has lovely toning, great strike and is perfectly centered. Some of the most beautiful artistry of the time came from Syracuse. This coin perfectly exemplifies this statement.

42: Syracuse, Fifth democracy; 214-212 BC, 8 Litrae, 10.22g. Enna Hoard-p. 21, D24 (93), Pozzi-664, SNG ANS-1040. EF. Estimate: $8,000.

  • Lot 42: Pedigree is extremely important and we look to museums and old collections past for what the standards were and what will be. This coin is believed to be from the Berlin cabinet. While it can not be proved with 100% certainty the “cabinet” like wear and the attributes lend itself to the proposed attribution. This piece is undeniably attractive and if part of the Berlin cabinet would be a find for any collector.
  • Lot 43: Yet another beautiful example from Syracuse. A smaller denomination but lovely strike and style.
  • Lot(s) 46-70: A large and attractive group of Hellenistic tetradrachms. This large group begins with Lysimachus and ends with Antigonus Doson. Most are reasonably priced and affordable to most collectors.

87: Peloponnesus, Sicyon; c. 360-330/20 BC, Stater, 12.20g. BCD-211 (same dies), SNG Norman Davis-207, Traité-776. Near Mint State. Estimate: $2,950.

  • Lot 87: A very high relief, wonderfully struck Sicyon stater. Bold imagery and beautiful strike at a reasonable price.
  • Lot 93: On first glimpse this coin appears to be a weathered Gortyna stater. However, once it is flipped over on the reverse it becomes clear that the piece is overstruck on a tetradrachm of Cyrene. If one consults Le Rider’s book on Cretan coinage, it becomes apparent that this happened more often on Cretan coinage. A fascinating phenomenon and one worth further study.
  • Lot 142: A striking example from the Brand Collection. This coin bears a drunken satyr on the reverse.
  • Lot 200: A fabulous portrait of the Roman emperor Pertinax. This is an ex-Berk coin from a 1988 BBS.
  • Lot 216: A well-struck and lovely example of Diadumenian as Caesar.
  • Lot 256: A pleasant example of the very rare emperor Laelianus.
  • Lot 260: Another pleasant example of the rare emperor Vabalathus as Augustus.

277: Sicily, Centuripae; c. 340-330 BC, 12.87g. SNG Morcom-573. EF. Estimate: $1,650.

  • Lot 277: Normally Harlan Berk doesn’t have many lovely Greek bronzes on offer. This coin from the city of Centuripae in Sicily is the exception. A commanding image of Zeus on the obverse with a lovely patina.
  • Lot(s) 333-440 is the budget section. A nice group of coins that make available to the customers some lovely pieces at prices that even the entry level collector can afford.
  • Lot(s) 441-490 Consists of the largest antiquity offering in sometime due to a recently acquired collection. Much of the pieces in this section has pedigrees dating back to 1990’s Buy or Bid Sales.

You can find the complete auction catalog on the Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. website.