Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger, D-Munich

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07-02-2018 – 08-02-2018

Auction 337: Modern Coins and Medals

Modern Coins and Medals on auction by Hirsch

Auction 337 held by Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger on 8-9 February 2018 will feature modern coins and medals including a collection of Bavarica and the first section of Ch. Heine-Elsensohn’s important collection of Judaica. This auction will round off the start of the auction year in truly spectacular fashion. A first highlight is a collection of 90 lots of Bavarian coinage.

No. 3155: Electorate Bavaria. Karl Theodor. 1777-1799. Isargold ducat 1780. Estimated 5,500,- euros.

A 5 Ducat 1640 from Maximilian I. minted on the occasion of the refortification of Munich is valued at EUR 5.000,-. A broad Löser at 5 Talers on the occasion of the 88th birthday of August the younger of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1666) will go under the hammer at EUR 7.500,-. Another highlight for any collector is found among the coins of the Habsburgian crown and patrimonial lands. Struck in the city of Klagenfurt, a double Schautaler from 1532 was struck during the reign of Ferdinand I and is valued at EUR 10.000,-. A rare silver strike of the 100 Ducat piece from 1677, with a weight of 3 Taler, minted during the reign of Michael Apafi of Transylvania, will go under the hammer at EUR 10.000,-.

No. 3503: Free imperial city Kaufbeuren. 1 1/2 Taler 1547. Estimated 15,000,- euros.

The titular piece of Auction 337 is an extremely rare 1 1/2 Taler from 1547 from Kaufbeuren. This beautiful specimen depicting Emperor Karl V. in a half length portrait is valued at EUR 15.000,-.

No. 3609: County Öttingen. Frederick V and Gottfried. 1572-1576. Guldentaler 1572. Estimated 10,000,- euros.

A showpiece of great rarity is a Guldentaler from 1572 from Frederic V and Gottfried, minted in the county of Öttingen (EUR 10.000,-). A broad Guldengroschen from Saxony, minted after 1507 during the reign of Frederic the Wise in order to commemorate his appointment to governor-general will go under the hammer for EUR 10.000,-.

No. 3920: Kingdom Bavaria. Louis III. 1913-1918. 3 Mark 1918 D on the golden wedding anniversary. Estimated 20,000,- euros.

The coins of the German Empire exhibit another true rarity, with a 3 Mark piece 1918 D minted for the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary of Ludwig III of Bavaria (EUR 20.000,-). The collection of Ch. Heine Elsensohn, formerly collection Frank Sternberg, provides another highlight of this auction.

No. 4172: Judaica. Prague. Great Medal 1745 on the protest against the expulsion of the Jewish community. Estimated 22,000,- euros.

A beautiful medal from 1745 to commemorate the successful protest against the expulsion of the Jewish community from Bohemia, ex Pollak collection, is valued at EUR 22.000,-. A medal to celebrate the emancipation of the Jews in Russia by Czar Alexander I in 1805 will go under the hammer for EUR 17.500,-. A rare 25 Zlotych from 1817, minted in Warsaw during the reign of Alexander I of Russia, is valued at EUR 3.000,-. The auction will conclude with medals from the medalist Karl Goetz, signets and religious objects from German speaking countries as well as from Russia will round off a successful first auction week of 2018.

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