Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger, D-Munich

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06-02-2018 – 01-01-1970

Auction 336: Ancient Coins

Ancient coins featured by Hirsch

Auction 336 by Munich-based auction house Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger on 7 February 2018 features nearly 820 lots of ancient coins. On sale will be Celtic, Greek, Persian and Sassanian coins as well as Roman and Byzantine emissions.

Nr. 2009: Celts on the Danube. Imitation of a tetradrachm by Philipp II of Macedon. Estimate: EUR 1.600,-.

The auction presents as a starter an interesting series of Celtic coins, among which a tetradrachm attributed to the Celts on the Danube imitating the emissions by Philipp II of Macedon at EUR 1.600,-.

Nr. 2044: Sicily. Syracuse. Dekadrachm. 405-395 B.C. Estimate: EUR 12.500,-.

The Greek coinage provides the first highlight of this auction. A very attractive tetradrachm from Rhegion (356-351 B.C.) showing the scalp of a lion will go under the hammer at EUR 17.500,-. A true masterpiece of ancient coinage is a dekadrachm signed by Euainetos. This marvelous piece from Syracuse in Siciliy (405-395 B.C.) is valued at EUR 12.500,-.
From the African continent, a beautiful tetradrachm from Barce in Cyrenaica (480-435 B.C.) depicting the now extinct medicinal plant Silphium is valued at EUR 13.000,-.

Nr. 2374: Roman Empire. Augustus. 27 B.C. – 14 AD. Cistophor. Estimate: EUR 12.500,-.

The Roman coins also have some true highlights among them. A very rare Cistophor from Augustus (27 B.C.-14 AD.) depicting a seated sphinx will go under the hammer at EUR 12.500,-. From the reign of Galba (68-69 AD.) a magnificent sesterce showing a standing Liberty     is valued at EUR 7.000,-.

Nr. 2486: Roman Empire. Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD. Aureus. Estimate EUR 14.000,-.

The cover page coin of the auction is an aureus from the reign of Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD.) in uncirculated condition. This wonderful coin depicts the enthroned Roma with palladium and spear, going under the hammer at EUR 14.000,-. Coins from the Byzantine Empire, world of Islam and lots of multiple coins will complete auction 336.

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