Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger, D-Munich

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14-02-2017 – 16-02-2017

Auction 325-327

Hirsch starts 2017 with ancient art, ancient coins and world coins and medals

Auction 325: Antique Objects

The antique art objects will go under the hammer in auction 325, providing some true highlights for collectors. The first noteworthy piece is a glass with a honeycomb pattern, which will go under the hammer at EUR 1,255.- . Starting at EUR 5,000.-, a marble ram’s head, most likely formerly part of an ornamental façade, will go under the hammer. 

739: Statue of Osiris. Bronze with gold plating. Late period. H. 25,6 cm. Estimate: 5,000 EUR.

Among the terracotta pottery, collectors should take note of a red-figured Hydria (attic, 4th Century BC), depicting the scene of an Amazonamachy, is valued at EUR 17,500.-. Following the terracotta are the objects of metal, during which a bronze head of a youth, conjuring up images of a young Alexander the Great, is valued at EUR 6,500.-. The piece still retains some remnants of a gold plating and was most likely created during the late Hellenistic or early imperial times of the Roman Empire. The title piece of our antique auction is an exquisite onyx cameo set in ornamental gold. The cameo depicts the bust of a young woman with delicately worked hair, created in the Severean times (3rd Century A.D.). Three Egyptian statues round of auction 325, with a statue of a woman, made from green basalt rock, created between the time of the New Kingdom and the Late Period, being valued at EUR 7,500.-. A bronze statuette of the goddess Neith from the Late Period will go under the hammer for EUR 7,500.- and a bronze statue with some of the original gold plating still intact of the god Osiris, also from the same time period, will go under the hammer at EUR 5,000.-.

Auction 326: Antique Coins

The auction of antique coins will encompass close to 800 lots among them some highlights for collectors. 

1545: Bruttium. Rhegion. Drachm, 415-387 B.C. Estimate: 4,500 EUR.

The first piece one should take note of is a Drachm from Bruttium (415-387 B.C.), depicting the lions scalp traditional to the region (Valued EUR 4,500.-). A fine double daric gold coin from the reign of Alexander the Great (333-323 B.C.) shows the king in the customary kneeling position with bow and arrow and is valued at EUR 5,000.-. Among the coinage struck in Africa, a magnificent Electron 1 1/2 Stater (255-241 B.C.) from Carthage in Zeugitania, valued at EUR 7,500.-. The coinage from the Roman Empire offers the collector some spectacular highlights. 

1919: Roman Empire. Galba, A.D. 68-69. Sestertius. Estimate: 5,000 EUR.

Under the hammer first, with a valuation of EUR 5,000.-, is a sesterz of Galba (68-69 A.D.) with a fine portrait. The family politics of the Flavians is exemplified by the next piece, a sesterz of Vespasian (69-79 A.D.) and will go under the hammer at EUR 6,000.-. The titular piece of the auction is another sesterz of Vespasian, which was minted during the reign of his son Titus (79-81 A.D.). Depicted upon it is the Divus Vespasian astride upn a quadriga pulled by elephants. This piece is valued at EUR 5,000-. A nearly uncirculated aureus of Probus (276-282 A.D.) will go under the hammer at EUR 15,000,-, It shows the emperor and sol with a diadem of sun rays.

Auction 327: Modern Coins and Medals

Encompassing nearly 1.000 lots, auction 327 of modern coins and medals offers exclusive highlights for discerning collectors. 

2501: Carolingians. Ludwig the German, 840-876. Denarius. Estimate: 7,500 EUR.

Starting the auction is a denar from Ludwig the German (840-876) which is of the utmost rarity (Valued at EUR 7,500.-). Another fine piece is a ducat from 1765, minted by Prince Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony, in near uncirculated condition that will go under the hammer at EUR 7,500.-. The title piece of this auction is a bronze medal, presumably created before 1565 in the workshop of Hans Jamnitzer in Nürnberg. This exceedingly rare piece depicts the meeting of Eliesar and Rebecca in the book of Genesis and is valued at EUR 2,500.-. A convention taler from 1806, minted during the reign of King Maximilian I. Joseph of Bavaria is valued at EUR 4,000.- and is the first Bavarian taler to be minted during the newly awarded regal dignity. 

3222: Naples. Carlo V, 1516-1556. Doppia d’oro. Estimate: 5,000 EUR.

A rare version of the Doppia d’oro of Carlo V (1516-1556) from Napoli showing the seated Pallas Athena is valued at EUR 5,000.-. A gold medal commissioned by the American Orchid Society for Meritorious Service towards the Cultivation or Research of Orchids will go under the hammer starting at EUR 5,000.-.

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