Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger, D-Munich

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19-09-2016 – 22-09-2016

Auction 321-324

Four Hirsch auctions featuring ancient objects and ancient and world coins

From September 20 to 23 2016, Hirsch Nachf. in Munich will sell Precolumbian and ancient objects from well-known collections as well as coins from the ancient world and about 1,000 lots of world coins. 

Lot 5: Figure of a dog from Colima, Mexico. 200 BC-AD 300. Estimate: 3,000 EUR.

Auction 321: Precolumbian Art (September 20, 2016)

The auction of Precolumbian Art encompasses over 200 Lots. All objects are from well-known collections, among them the collection of Ferdinand Anton, Westermann and Seiss. The title piece of the auction is a figure of a dog from Colima, Mexico (ca. 200 B.C-300 A.D.) which will go under the hammer starting at EUR 3.000,-. A piece of exemplary character and form is a ceremonial Ax in the form of a human head (Veracruz , ca. 300-900 A.D.), valued at EUR 20.000,-. The collection of Ferdinand Anton also brings another ritual ax to auction, this one being from the Mayan culture of Guatemala and being valued at EUR 15.000,-. Among the stone objects of Costa Rica are many an impressive object from the Collection Westermann.

Golden hair net. Greek, 4th cent. BC. Estimate: 10,000 EUR.

Auction 322: Antique Objects (September 21, 2016)

The antique art objects will go under the hammer in auction 322, providing some highlights for collectors. A Sphinx made of stone and in an Egyptian style is valued at EUR 12.000,-. An Amazonomachy, depicted on a red-figured Hydria, from the 4th Century B.C. is a wonderful example of the attic terracotta and will go under the hammer at EUR 20.000,-. A beautiful collection of some 60 Islamic ceramics is another highlight of the auction. A golden hair net which most likely depicts Hypnos, the god of sleep, will go under the hammer at EUR 10.000,-.

Lot 2619: Maximinus II. Daia. AD 309-313. Aureus. Estimate: 25,000 EUR.

Auction 323: Antique Coins (September 22, 2016)

The auction of antique coins has among the Greek coins a tetradrachm from Sicily depicting Apollo astride a quadriga (EUR 7.500) and a further Tetradrachm from Barce in Kyrenaika, showing a depiction of the already extinct Siliphium plant, going under the hammer at EUR 14.000,-. Among the Roman coins, a selection of extremely fine Aurei will be up for auction, among them one from Antonius Pius (131-161 A.D.) with Pax on he reverse, valued at EUR 10.000,- and another with a depiction of Roma on the reverse (EUR 15.000,-). A further Aureus from Maximus II Daia, the nephew of Galerius, struck between 309-313 in Aquileia, is valued at EUR 25.000,-.

Lot 3556: Würzburg. Ludwig I. of Bavaria. 1825-1848. New years gold Guilder. Estimate: 6,500 EUR.

Auction 324: Modern Coins and Medals (September 23, 2016)

The auction of Modern Coins and Medals will be about 1.000 lots. An Isar gold Ducat from prince-elector Karl-Theodor in uncirculated condition with a value of EUR 10.000,-. The titular piece of the auction is a gold medal from 1735 struck to the value of 8 ducats for the reconstruction of the city of Hall and its city hall after the fire of 1728, valued at EUR 7.500,-. Another piece of note is the uncirculated new years gold Guilder from Würzburg with the head of Ludwig I of Bavaria, valued at EUR 6.500,-. A collection of interesting and rare Morgan Dollars from the United States, among them a Dollar minted in 1891 in Carson City and called the “Spitting Eagle” is valued at EUR 500,-.

Detailed information about the auctions and the online catalogue you will find on the website of Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger.