Gerhard Hirsch Nachf., D-Munich

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12-02-2015 – 01-01-1970

Auction 307

Bavarian Rarities of extraordinary quality at Hirsch Nachf.

The second coin auction by Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger in the year 2015 is dedicated to the exceptional collection M.G. which includes 141 lots. This auction presents important gold coins of Bavaria. Further coins of the same collection are to be found in catalogues 306 and 308. This collection convinces with extremely rare pieces of extraordinary quality.

3005: Duchy of Bavaria. Maximilian of Bavaria I. 1598-1623. 8 ducats 1598.

The cover piece of the auction is an 8 ducats from 1598 of Maximilian I of Bavaria (1598-1623). Struck for the accession to power of the duke, the reverse of the coin shows the patron saint of Bavaria, St. Heinrich, this piece is estimated at EUR 25,000.-. A 6 ducats off-metal strike from the stamps of the 1/2 Reichstaler of Maximilian I (1627) is uncirculated and arguably the one of only two pieces known to exist (Estimation EUR 25,000.-). An extremely fine 3 ducats from 1652 of Ferdinand Maria (1651-1679) was a present by the Bavarian Estates of the Country for the marriage of the prince-elector and will be offered for EUR 12,500.-. A 4 ducats of the same regent in uncirculated condition, the only known piece in existence, is estimated EUR 10,000.-.

3022: Electorate of Bavaria. Maximilian II. Emanuel. 1679-1725. 12 ducats.

A 12 ducats of Maximilian II Emanuel (1679-1705) is a true rarity, on whose reverse the motto “die Unverletzen grünen immer” is imprinted to honor the the prince-elector (Estimation EUR 25,000.-). The 5 ducats struck for the first marriage of the prince-elector, to Maria Antonia, archduchess of Austria, displays the busts of the bridal pair on an uncirculated coin estimated at EUR 12,500.-. Minted under the reign of Carl Albert as prince-elector (1726-1742) a double carolin is estimated at EUR 15.000.-. An uncirculated gold medal from 1768 of 10 ducats dedicated to the Bavarian princes is estimated EUR 10.000,-. This medal by Maximilian II Joseph (1745-1777) is of utmost rarity in Gold.

3062: Electorate of Bavaria. Karl Theodor. 1777-1799. Gold medal of 12 ducats.

A variety of river gold ducats in the best of conditions will be offered, among them the presumably most rare of such ducats issued by the prince-elector Carl Theodor (1777-1799). This uncirculated Isar gold ducat from 1780 goes under the hammer with an estimated price of EUR 7,500.-. The gold medal of 12 ducats is presumably the only known piece in trade and is estimated to go for EUR 20,000.-. Further river gold ducats issued from the kingdom of Bavaria, struck under the reign of Maximilian I Joseph (1806-1825) will be sold next, for example an Isar gold ducat from 1821 with an estimation of EUR 7,500.- or a Danube gold ducat 1821 (EUR 9,000.-).
A present in form of a medal of 10 ducats by Queen Frederike Wilhelmine Caroline is exceedingly rare and in uncirculated condition and will be offered for EUR 5,000.-. An almost uncirculated gold medal from 1829 from Ludwig I to commemorate the arrival of the king in Bavaria is supposed to be the only piece in trade and is estimated at EUR 15,000.-.

3081: Kingdom of Bavaria. Ludwig I. 1825-1848. Danube gold ducat 1830.

During the reign of Ludwig I (1825-1848) a Danube gold ducat was struck in 1830, however, the piece estimated with EUR 15,000.- is an especially rare piece with mirror-inverted CCC of the roman numeral for the year on the reverse. The also presumed only piece in trade of a gold medal from 1842 of 12 ducats from Maximilian II (1848-1864), struck for the marriage of the former with Maria, princess of Prussia to Berlin through procuration on the 5th of October that year, is estimated to go for EUR 7,500.-. A convention crown of Ludwig II (1864-1886) is in uncirculated condition and valued at EUR 20,000.- , mintages of this coin are not known. The gold medal from 1873 of 15 ducats struck for the wedding of Maximilian Duke of Bavaria with Gisela, archduchess of Austria will be offered for EUR 5,000.-.

3115: Freising. Johann Franz Eckher baron of Kapfing. 1695-1727. 12 ducats 1724.

From Freising, minted by Johann Franz Eckher baron of Kapfing (1695-1727, issues a first-rate cabinet piece, the 12 ducats from 1724 (value EUR 20,000.-) for the 1.000 year existence of the diocese.
A gold medal in uncirculated condition from 1870 for 85 ducats minted for the merit of the agricultural from Munich, which is of utmost rarity in gold is estimated EUR 12,000.-. With an estimation of EUR 15,000.- a 2 ducats from 1806 from Nuremberg minted for the Treaty of Pressburg will be offered. This double ducat was only minted about 10 times. The last lot of the auction to go under the hammer is another first-rate cabinet piece valued at EUR 15,000.-: minted in Greece under the reign of Othon of Bavaria (1832-1862) are 8 ducats in uncirculated condition.

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