Gerhard Hirsch Nachf., D-Munich

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Ancient Coins and Modern Coins and Medals at Gerhard Hirsch

Munich-based auction house Gerhard Hirsch Nachf. will be holding their Auctions 348 and 349 on May 8 and 9, 2019. While Auction 348 is dedicated to ancient coins, Auction 349 offers modern coins and medals.

Auction 348 Lot 88. Estimated: 6,500 Euro.

Antique Coins (May 8, 2019)

The auction of antique coins (containing ca. 1100 lots) has among the Greek coins a Drachm from Poseidonia in Lucania( 550-540 B.C.), depicting the god Poseidon (EUR 6.500). A further Tetradrachm from Selinos in Sicily, showing a depiction of Apollo with his quadriga, going under the hammer at EUR 3.750,-.
Among the Roman coins, a very rare Aureus of Caracalla (198-217 AD) is valued at EUR 25.000,-. A further Aureus of Diocletianus (284-305 AD) is extremely rare, perfectly centered and will be offered at EUR 12.000,-. Another Aureus from Maximinus II. Daia (309-313 AD), the nephew of Galerius, is the titular piece of our auction. This beautiful coin in nearly uncirculated condition has an estimation of EUR 8.000,-.

Auction 348 Lot 504. Estimated: 2,500 Euro.
Auction 348 Lot 850. Estimated: 25,000 Euro.
Auction 348 Lot 947. Estimated: 12,000 Euro.
Auction 349 Lot 2129. Estimated: 27,500 Euro.

Auction 349: Modern Coins and Medals (May 9, 2019)

The auction of Modern Coins and Medals will be about 900 lots. From the Duchy of Bavaria comes a gold medal of Albrecht V. (1550-1579) with his impressive portrait and bust (EUR 15.000,-). The titular piece of our auction 349 is a 4 Ducats, struck under Ferdinand Maria from Bavaria (1651-1679), which is probably the only know example, is valued at EUR 15.000,-. A bronze medal, showing Joachim I. (1499-1535, the Elector of Brandenburg, has been cast in 1519 and is probably the 4th known example (EUR 27.500,-). From the Habsburg territories a Schautaler struck under Leopold I. in 1686, depicting the conquest of Ofen will go under the hammer at EUR 3.200,-. The coins of the German Empire post 1871 have among it a 10 Mark piece 1874 B from Hamburg, valued at EUR 2.500,-.

Auction 349 Lot 2309. Estimated: 9,000 Euro.
Auction 349 Lot 2601. Estimated: 2,500 Euro.
Auction 349 Lot 2792. Estimated: 3,500 Euro.

On the website of the auction house you can browse through the catalogues of Auction 348 and Auction 349.