Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., D-Frankfurt am Main

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04-11-2015 – 05-11-2015

Auction 415

More than 100 Jewish Medals at the coming sale of Peus

The core of the selection of ancient Greek coins in the forthcoming autumn sale of Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger is a small but very nice collection of Sicilian coins in silver and bronze, which was assembled about 30 years ago.

Morgantina. Tetradrachm ca 340 B.C. Rizzo Tf. 60 , 6. Extremely rare. Extremely fine/very fine.

Among the highlights are a wonderful tetradrachm of Kamarina and an extremely rare tetradrachm of Morgantina. 

Rome. Lucius Verus, 161-169. Aureus 163/164. C. 247 var.; RIC 525. Extremely fine.

The Roman coins have a couple of nice aurei and some large bronzes in superior quality.

Russian Empire. Johann Antonowitsch (Iwan) III., 1740-1741 Roubel 1741, St. Petersburg. Bitkin 19; Dav. 1676. Very rare. Extremely fine/BU.

The medieval and modern section contains a variety of rare single pieces together with collections of coins from Russia, from the bishopric of Fulda …

Hanau- Münzenberg. Philip Ludwig II. Silver medal without date (Gnadenpfennig) Suchier 16; Dav. 6682. Extremely rare. Extremely fine.

… and from Hanau. Jewish medals, a specialty of the house, are present with more than 100 specimen. 

Paper money, Germany. Westphalia, Kingdom Schatzschein, 100 Franks, 8.7.1812, Kassel. Unicum. III.

The final section of the sale contains two collections of paper money, one with early pieces before 1850 and the other with banknotes of the German Reichsbank, which contains many rare pieces. Towards the end of the sale multiple lots of inexpensive coins and medals are on offer.

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