Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., D-Frankfurt

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25-04-2018 – 26-04-2018

Auction 422

A scholar’s collection and rare European gold coins

Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. offers more than 2,000 lots in their auction 422 covering a broad range of material. The sale starts on 26 April 2018 at 9 AM.

C. Julius Caesar, Denarius 48/47 B.C. Delicate toning, from new dies. Small edge chip, extremely fine. Ex Prof. Dr. Hildebrecht Hommel Collection.

The core of the ancient auction consists of the first part of the collection of Prof. Dr. Hildebrecht Hommel. This scholarly collection of more than 8,000 Roman coins is based on the Munich Orientalist Prof. Dr. Fritz Hommel, whose son, Tuebingen’s Classical philologist Hildebrecht Hommel, expanded it significantly in the 1960s and 70s.

Septimius Severus for Julia Domna. Aureus 193/196, Rome. Rare. Extremely fine to FDC. From German private owner, acquired before 2000.

The nucleus is an excellent collection of coins of the Roman Republic with provenances up to the Wilhelmine era, including rare silver sestertii and quinarii, as well as outstanding denarii, especially of the imperators.

Anthemius, 467-472. Tremissis, Rome. Very rare. Small scratch on the portrait, tiny cut on the obverse, very fine. Ex. Prof. Dr. Hildebrecht Hommel Collection.

Even in the Roman Empire, there is no shortage of rarities and curiosities such as a brockage Augustus as with a Varus countermark and some fine gold coins. Parts of the Hommel collection are auctioned in large group lots, which invite to browse. A selection of about 150 coins from the Greek world completes the offer.

Great Britain. James II, 1685-1688, 5 Guineas 1687, anno tertio, London. Very rare. Very fine.

In the field of world coins, a number of partly rare European gold coins is to mention firstly.

HRE. Ferdinand II, 1619-1637, since 1590 Duke of Carinthia and Styria. 10 dukats 1627, Prague. Very rare. Nearly extremely fine.

This is followed by the coins of the Habsburg hereditary lands, above all a ten-fold Dukat 1627 from the Prague mint and a series of 60 thalers of different mints.

Electorate Saxonia. Friedrich August III (I), 1763-1827, 1806 King 10 taler 1791 IEC, Dresden. Very rare. Extremely fine.

From the varied offer of old German coins and medals stands out especially the series of Hessen-Darmstadt from the Walther collection, Mainz. This includes many Darmstadt rarities that have not been offered for decades. In addition to that we offer a remarkable collection of silver coins of the German Empire, from which above all several rare strikes in proof protrude. As usual, this is followed by modestly estimated combined lots, among which the convolutes from the sophisticated collection of thematic medals by Dr. Ludwig Döry can be particularly recommended. In addition, once again scales of the Fischer, Aarburg, collection come up for auction. The possibility of live bidding via the internet is offered again.

You can browse through the online catalogue and participate in auction 422.