Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., D-Frankfurt

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26-04-2017 – 27-04-2017

Auktion 419

Results of Peus’ spring auction

With a total result of 1.73 million from an estimate of 1.05 million, auction 419 was a great success and testifies a constantly high demand for high-quality coins and numismatic objects.
The interest in coins of the Roman Republic remains great. The moderate estimate prices of the denarii of the Hessian private collection were doubled in total. 

Lot 512: Roman Imperial. Antoninus Pius, 138-161. Aureus, 148/149, Rome. Extremely fine. Estimate: 5,000 EUR. Hammer price: 11,000 EUR.

High prices were paid for exceptional conditions, such as a serratus of Postumius Albinus (lot no. 276), which rose from 150 to 850 €. The Fonteius Capito Denar (lot no. 351) with the rare representation of the Villa Publica reached 2200 € (estimate of 500 €). In the imperial period the gold coins developed particularly strongly, of which only the Aequitas aureus of Antoninus Pius (No. 512) with 11,000 € and the unique donativum semis of Marcianus (Lot No. 683) with 12,000 € are mentioned here. Finally, the unique medallion of the Gallienus from the Trau collection (lot no. 605), worth 7500 € (estimate 5000 €), must be highlighted.
Also the first antique weights from the P. Fischer collection exceeded the expectations and makes us expect an exciting autumn auction.

Lot 1014: Argentina. Province of Buenos Aires. Trial-peso 1879. Extremely fine / proof-like. Estimate: 2,000 EUR. Hammer price: 13,500 EUR.

In the area of world coins, the great importance of the thematic Fischer collection soon became apparent. The coins of his two homelands, the “related by marriage” Argentina, where only the trial-peso 1879 of the province of Buenos Aires (Lot 1014) is to be mentioned, whose hammer price of 13,500 € far exceeded the tax of 2000 €, as well as the coins of Fischer’s birthplace, Switzerland, where among the many top results, above all the trial-20 Batzen 1809, struck in Aarau, whose estimate price of 2000 € rose to 9500 € (lot 1313) should be mentioned here almost arbitrarily. In general, the attractive call prices of the collection led to long bidding struggles, which increased the total result of the Swiss coins to 160,000 € with only 173 lots. 

Lot 1636: Principality Transylvania. Gabriel Bethlen, 1613-1629. 15 ducats gold medal. Extremely fine. Estimate: 50,000 EUR. Hammer price: 60,000 EUR.

In addition, a beautiful series of British coins completed the section of foreign coins. This was followed by an offer of Habsburg and Transsylvaninan coins, among them the title piece, a probably unique 15-fold ducat of Gabriel Bethlen, with a final price of € 60,000 € (lot 1636). Furthermore an excellent 12-fold ducat of Salzburg from year 1687 (lot 1629) brought its expected price of 26,000 €. 

Lot 2069: Germany. Duchy Liegnitz-Brieg. John Christian and Georg Rudolph, 1602-1621. 5 ducats 1619, Reichenstein. Extremely fine. Estimate: 10,000 EUR. Hammer price: 26,000 EUR.

In the area of the coins of the German states as well as the German Empire came a wide range of coins and medals for each budget to auction. Many online bidders took part in the bidding battles. Among the numerous rarities, a Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel Löser of 5 Reichstalers 1614 (result 23,000 €), an Osnabrück Reichstaler from year 1701 (lot 1950, taxed 5,000, sold 14,000 €), as well as a Silesian fivefold ducat of the duchy Liegnitz-Brieg from the year 1619 (estimated 10,000, sold € 26,000) can be mentioned here.

Lot 2439: Gdansk. Bank of Gdansk. 1000 gulden. Very rare. Estimate: 750 EUR. Hammer price: 4,700 EUR.

A high-quality series of uncirculated bank notes of the free city of Danzig, as well as the neat scales-collection of P. Fischer ended the single-called lots of the auction, before finally, and as usual, the moderately estimated combined lots closed a very successful auction late in the evening.
Only 5 % of all lots remained unsold and can be purchased in the after sale. This success may also have depended on the first-time offered and actively used online live bidding, which also led to a considerable time delay and put some collectors on a hard patience test.

All other results can be found in the online-catalogue on the website of Peus and also as pdf-file. 

A printed list will be available after May, 5th.If you would like to order a copy please contact Mrs. Patatas under +49-69-95966225 or via email. 

Unsold pieces may be purchased up to five weeks after the sale for 80% of the estimate under normal conditions of sale, i. e. plus buyers-premium and eventual taxes.