Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., D-Frankfurt

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26-04-2017 – 27-04-2017

Auction 419

Two important private collections at Dr. Busso Peus Nachf.

Two important private collections of ancient coins will be part of Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. auction no. 419 on 27 and 28 April 2017: one with an iconographic-topical focus, the other chronological and geographic. The latter, built up by a local collector, focuses on the Roman Republic. 

Lot 68: Roman Republic. Anonym. Didrachm, 269 BC, Rome. Good very fine.

Among the ca. 400 silver pieces are several rarities such as an early didrachm (no. 68), a denarius of Manlius Sergianus (Cr. 309/1) and a rare denarius of M. Volteius (no. 300). There are also some scarce coins of the Bellum Sociale. 

Lot 356: Roman Republic. M. Iunius Brutus. Denarius, 54 BC, Rome. Extremely fine.

A very dense section of moneyers´ denarii boasts with magnificent examples such as a C. Coelius Caldus (no. 359) and a beautiful Brutus denarius (no. 356). 

Lot 683: Marcianus. Semissis, 450/457, Constantinople. Extremely fine.

This April, the first part of the collection “Scales and Weights” of well-known Peter Fischer (+2013) from Switzerland will be sold. Concerning the ancient coins, depictions of Justitia, Aequitas and Moneta are well represented. Among them are impressive medallions of Gallienus (no. 605) and Carus (no. 614), superb aurei (Antoninus Pius: no. 512; Septimius Severus: no. 541) and a semissis of Marcianus on which J.P.C. Kent wrote a comment in RIC X (no. 683). A dense section of Byzantine gold and a small selection of ancient weights complete the first part of this auction. It is noteworthy that most of the 800 lots of ancient coins come with fine to choice pedigrees.

Lot 1629: Salzburg: Johann Ernst von Thun und Hohenstein. 10 ducats. Extremely fine.

The modern part of this years’ spring auction offers a wide range of coins and medals from medieval times until now in both gold and silver. Among these a golden showpiece of 15 ducats of Transylvania (no. 1636), a 12 ducats multiple of Salzburg in perfect condition (no. 1629), a magnificent 5 Löser of Friedrich Ulrich (no. 1756) and several Westphalian talers in excellent condition are just some of the highlights (no. 1872, 1919, 1950, 2064, 2065). 

Lot 1313: Canton of Aargau. 20 Batzen pattern 1809, Aargau. Extremely fine/proof like.

Also the coins and medals of the Fischer collection (Aarburg) are to be mentioned. Besides the depictions of scales which can be found throughout the catalogue, especially the Kanton Aargau is to be noteworthy. No less than 170 lots out of this region are offered, also of the periphery. A small but delicate section of Argentina is also part of the Fischer collection. To this adds an almost complete selection of the German Empire, being supplemented by banknotes of Danzig. As usual, bargain group lots round up the auction.

You can browse through the online catalogue here.

You can find the auction on the internet at Sixbid.com.