Dr. Busso Peus Nachf.

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17-11-2017 – 18-11-2017

E-Auction 420: Dr. Neussel Collection, Roman Coins, Part 2

Provenances make Peus e-auction 420 a full success

Part 2 of the Neussel collection, consisting of more than 1,800 Roman coins with estimated prices up to 200 euros, was sold as an e-auction by Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. on November 18-19, 2017, in two sessions. Numerous coin lovers have taken the opportunity to secure pieces for their own collection from the exceptionally wide range of rarities and variants. In particular, the fact that – unlike most other online auctions – most of the coins have a well-documented, partly also sonorous provenance, was appreciated.

Lot 5656: Roman Imperial times. Volusianus, 251-253. Antoninianus, Rome. Extremely fine. Estimate: 50 euros. Hammer price: 460 euros.

Of particular interest were the coins from the second half of the 3rd century. An unusually well-struck and finely preserved radiate of Volusianus scored 460 euros (Lot no. 5656, estimate: 50 euros). 

Lot 5727: Roman Imperial times. Gallienus, 253-268. Antoninianus, 264/265, Mediolanum (Milan). Almost extremely fine/very fine. Estimate: 75 euros. Hammer price: 750 euros.

Especially sought after were the coins of Gallienus with rare busts or reverses, many of which multiplied their estimates, number 5727 (estimate: 75 euros) reached even 1000 %.

Lot 5974: Roman Imperial times. Probus, 276-282. Antoninianus, 276, Serdica. Extremely rare legend. Extremely fine. Estimate: 75 euros. Hammer price: 550 euros.

A Probus radiate with a rare legend achieved 550 euros (no. 5974). As always, exceptional qualities achieved exceptional prices.

Lot 6142: Roman Imperial times. Maximianus I Herculius for Constantinus I. Follis, 306/307, Aquileia, 3rd off. Almost extremely fine. Estimate: 100 euros. Hammer price: 900 euros.

As always, exceptional qualities achieved exceptional prices. An almost perfectly preserved follis for Constantine as Caesar with a rare bust, enthralling depiction and older provenance achieved with an estimate of 100 euros whole 900 euros (no. 6142).

Lot 6636: Roman Imperial times. Antoninus Pius, 138-161. Bronze drachm, year 6 (= 142/143)?. Fine. Estimate: 150 euros. Hammer price: 700 euros.

The Alexandrians also sold well, with some of them having been prized for their extreme rarity (no. 6636 for 700 euros). Those who remained focused on the strenuous e-auction could also buy cheap. So 70 euros for a neat sestertius of Herennia with an old provenance (no. 5631) or 60 euros for a nice piece of Otacilia (no. 5595) – certainly not too expensive. About 20% of the coins remained unsold and can be purchased until December at the call price.

For viewing the catalog of e-auction 420 click here.

The results and information on the after-sale are available here.