Dr. Busso Peus Nachf.

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08-07-2016 – 09-07-2016

E-auction 3

E-Auction at Peus with coins from antiquity to the modern era

From July 9-10 e-auction no. 3 of auction house Peus will take place. It consists of a varied offer of ancient, medieval and modern coins as well as some assorted reference books.

Lot 19: Bruttium, Croton, Hemidrachm 420/400 BC. SNG ANS 416. Very rare. Very fine /extremely fine.

The Greek part, that will begin on Saturday, July 9 at 4 pm CET, contains a group of attractive but inexpensive pieces from Magna Graecia with some bronzes and rather rare small silver-issues, …

Lot 69: Cilicia, Celendris, Stater 425/400 BC. Unpublished variety. Extremely fine.

… followed by a choice of various coins from Greece and Asia minor, among the latter a very rare stater from Celendris (no. 69).

Lot 136: Nerva. Sestertius 97, Rome, on the charging a post tranportation tax. Black-green patina, rare. Porous surface, very fine.

The Roman coins include a strong section of Republican issues and a couple of better Imperial sestertii such as an apparently unique piece of Vespasian (no. 127). Of outstanding interest is a group of coins from emperors of the later 3rd century AD with rare imperial busts, several of those plate coins from Göbls MIR catalogues. The group was part of the Römhild collection; the main part of this collection, however, is going to be offered in our forthcoming autumn sale. The ancient section closes with a small group of Byzantine coins, among them a couple of issues from Trabzon. 20 interesting multiple lots of ancient coins are included.

Lot 554: Sachsen-Altenburg, Duchy. Friedrich Wilhelm II. Reichstaler 1669, Saalfeld (no mint mark), on his death. Dav. 7404. Grasser 336. Rare. Fields smoothed, very fine.

The World coin section will start on Sunday, July 10 at 10 pm CET. The 350 lots in this section span from medieval pennies to Euro issues, with a group of medals by Loos and small series of coins from Fulda and Hessen-Kassel as well as a number US commemorative half-dollars. The offer of gold coins within that part of the sale is of particular interest for collectors as well as for investors. The pieces are conservatively graded and the estimates are overall very moderate. At the end of this small but remarkable sale there are 24 multiple lots of German and foreign coins.

Please find the online auction catalogue here.