Davissons Ldt., USA-New York

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21-02-2017 – 01-01-1970

Auction 36

Greek art from the magnificent Lockett Collection at Davissons

Davissons Ltd. presents Auction 36, 450 lots including some amazing coins, closing February 22 live online at www.davcoin.com starting at 10 AM CST (4 PM GMT). Exceptional and unusual coins, tokens, and medals from Ancient Greece and Rome, the United Kingdom and the World, and a few rare books,…

Lot 24: Greek. Siculo-Punic. Tetradrachm, 4th Century B.C. Ex Lockett. SNG Lockett 1052. Good Very Fine. Estimate: 3,500 USD.

…showcase fine Greek art from the magnificent Lockett Collection Siculo-Punic tetradrachm…

Lot 20: Sicily. Syracuse. AR litra, circa 460-450 B.C., struck under the Second Democracy. From Edward J. Waddell. Extremely Fine. Estimate: 2,500 USD.

…to a small collection of choice Greek minors, including one of the finest litra of Syracuse ever offered. 

A nice selection of fascinating mint errors and overstrikes range from EF Greek bronzes to an extremely rare plated denarius mule of Brutus and Sulla.
Many rare Roman coins from one serious collection combine the best possible style and condition and include such seldom offered usurpers as Johannes and Flavius Victor, an exquisite prooflike Trajan denarius, and a rare and choice follis of Helena as Nobilissima Femina.

Lot 162: Celtic Britain. Charles I. 1625-1649. Posthumous AR shilling in the name of Charles II. June 1648-March 1648/9. Extremely Fine. Estimate: 13,500 USD.

A select offering of Celtic Britain and English hammered coinage culminate in a marvelous Pontefract Besieged shilling of Charles I issued in the name of Charles II. This is the first coin minted after the execution of Charles I, January 30, 1648/9. It was issued by the commander of the Royalist forces at Pontefract, while under siege for the third and last time.

Lot 402: Scotland. Mary and Henry. (Mary, Fourth Period) (1565-67). AR 2/3rds ryal. Ex LaRiviere. Spink. 2006. Near Extremely Fine. Estimate: 12,500 USD.

224 lots of the remarkable collection of English copper, tin and bronze assembled by Frank Robinson is followed by some amazing coins of Ireland and Scotland, including very rare pennies of David I, and Alexander II in the name of William, and the best by far of four known undated 2/3rds ryals of Mary and Henry. There are four examples known of this issue without date. Holmes in SCBI 58 (National Museum of Scotland) notes about their example, ex Murray, ex Lockett, that it was struck before the date was added to the die. Murray (Spink 57) noted that the spelling “SCOTORVM” is something he had “not met on any other 2/3 Ryal.” His example (1207) is worn and has the thistle revaluation countermark.
Parsons (also Dundee), where it was noted as “possibly unique,” (1944) is another worn and countermarked example. Dundee noted “three known.”
The Spink Numismatic Circular January 1969 offered an example with no countermark (411, illustration 42) that looks to be Very Fine with softness particularly on the obverse.
The coin offered here was offered in Seaby’s Coin and Medal Bulletin, July 1976 where they note “This present piece is the fourth recorded and probably the finest known.”

The British Token section includes some rare pieces in choice condition. The sale concludes with a few lots of United States coins and some rare books.

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