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11-03-2014 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 322

Iberian coins at CNG’s Electronic Auction 322

CNG’s Electronic Auction 322 will be offering 824 lots closing on March 12, 2014. In this sale, you will find once again …

Lot: 1. IBERIA, Abdera. Early 2nd century BC. AE Unit. ACIP 868. Near Fine, obverse double struck. Estimate $75.

… selections of ancient Iberian coins from the Archer M. Huntington Collection, to be found in the Greek and Roman Provincial sections. The Greek section also features a group of Alexander and Lysimachos drachms from the Nicholas Sicurella Collection, …

107: KINGS of THRACE, Macedonian. Lysimachos. AR Drachm, circa 301/0-300/299 BC, Sestos mint. Unpublished. VF. Estimate $100.

… among which is an unpublished example.

483: MESOPOTAMIA. Marcus Aurelius. AR Drachm, circa AD 165, uncertain mint (Edessa?). Cf. RPC Online temp. no. 9578 (for obv.); BMC pp. xcviii-xcix (for series); otherwise unpublished. VF. Apparently unique. Estimate $200.

Additional Roman Provincial offerings include a pair of unpublished Mesopotamian drachms of Marcus Aurelius.
Finally, the World section presents an array of crown-sized issues from Germany, the Low Countries, Japan, and Sweden.

You can find the complete auction catalogue here.