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11-02-2014 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 320

New Electronic Auction at CNG

CNG’s Electronic Auction 320 offers 743 coins featuring further selections of Greek coins from the Demetrios Armounta Collection, a number of Athenian owls, …

171: LYCIAN LEAGUE, circa 167-100 BC. AR Drachm. Estimate: $150.

… a group of hemidrachms of the Lycian League, several rare Armenian and Sophene bronzes, and a run of dated Tyrian shekels.
Also in this auction are coins bearing images of galleys and ships from the Simon Shipp Collection, found in the Greek, Roman Provincial, Republican, Imperial sections.

551: Allectus. Romano-British Emperor, AD 293-296. Quinarius, Londinium (London) mint. RIC V 55. Good VF, dark green patina. Estimate: $150.

The Imperial selection in particular features quinari of Allectus from the same collection, as well as an offering of choice silvered Constantinian folles.

688: INDIA, Independent States. Sikh Empire. temp. Ranjit Singh. VS 1858-1896 / AD 1801-1839. AR Rupee, Amritsar mint. Dated VS 1880 (AD 1823). Wiggins & Goron Type VI. Good VF. Estimate: $100.

The world section hosts a broad selection of silver rupees of the Sikh Empire. Additional sulfur casts by Admiral William Henry Smyth conclude the single lots. As usual, the sale rounds out with an array of larger lots.

You can find the whole auction catalogue on the CNG website.