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13-05-2014 – 01-01-1970

Auction 96 Internet and Mail Bid Sale

Third and finest known denarius of Uranius Antoninus at CNG

Auction 96 of Classical Numismatic Group is an internet and mail bid sale closing electronically on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, from 9 AM ET. It comprises coins ranging from exceptional late classical Greek coins to Chinese spade money and World coins.

Some of the highlights are:

12: SICILY, Syracuse. Gelon I. Tetradrachm, struck circa 485-480 BC. BMC 11 (same obv. die). Superb EF. Struck in high relief from fresh dies. Estimate $75,000.

372: KINGS of PONTOS. Mithradates VI Eupator. Stater, Pergamon mint, dated month 13, year 223 BE (September / October 74 BC). Roma VII, lot 758 (same dies); CNG 93, lot 339 var. (same obv. die, month 12), otherwise unpublished. VF. Estimate $10,000.

810: Marcus Aurelius. As Caesar, AD 139-161. Aureus, Rome mint, struck under Antoninus Pius, AD 158-159. RIC III 477a (Pius). Choice EF. Estimate $10,000.

862: Uranius Antoninus. Usurper, AD 253-254. Denarius, Emesa mint. Cf. RIC IV 3 and pl. 15, 16 (aureus; same rev. die). EF. Third and finest known denarius of Uranius Antoninus. Estimate $30,000.

1382: SPAIN, Castile & León. Fernando V & Isabel I (Los Reyes Católicos – the Catholic royals). Excelente-Ducado, Valencia mint. struck 1479-1504. ME 2888. Good VF. Estimate $2,000.

1410: ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Aethelred II. 978-1016. Penny. First Hand type (BMC iia, Hild. B1). Eoferwic (York) mint; Aelfstan, moneyer. Struck circa 979-985. SCBI 26 (East Anglia), 1149 (same dies). EF. Estimate $1,500.

You can browse the virtual catalogue here.

The sale is online on CNG’s website.