Classical Numismatic Group, USA-Lancaster, PA

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13-09-2016 – 01-01-1970

Auction 103

Classical Numismatic Group Auction 103

CNG presents CNG 103, an Internet and Mail Bid Sale closing electronically on Wednesday, 14 September 2016, from 10 AM ET (US). This sale offers 1295 lots with a presale estimate of almost $2 million.

CNG’s annual autumn sale features Greek, Celtic, Oriental Greek, Central Asian, Roman Provincial, Republican, and Imperial coinage. Additionally, there are featured selections of Byzantine, Early Medieval, Islamic, World, World Medals, British, British Medals, and Antiquities.

Lot 38: LUCANIA, Metapontion. Circa 510-470 B.C. Nomos. Noe Class IX, 191. Superb extremely fine. From the estate of Thomas Cederlind. Estimate: $2.000.

General selections of coins are included throughout the sale from the estate of Thomas Bentley Cederlind. Additionally, there are further selections from the M. A. Armstrong collection, and Greek and Roman coins from the Dr. Lawrence D. Sporty collection.

Lot 551: SASANIAN KINGS. Boran. 630-631. Drachm. SK (Sakastan) mint. Dated RY 2 (AD 630/1). Very fine. From the K. Grzesiak Collection. Estimate: $500.

The Greek and Oriental Greek sections are highlighted by an extensive offering of Tarentine coinage, a unique gold oktadrachm of the Seleukid King Antiochos III, and Sasanian coins from the Grzesiak and Highland collections.

Lot 668: Julius Caesar. February-March 44 B.C. Denarius. Crawford 480/13. Good very fine. From the Korwin Collection. Estimate: $3,000.

One of the featured collections in CNG 103 is the Korwin Collection of Roman Coinage, which covers the period of Julius Caesar to Zeno. In the Republican and Imperial sections, bidders will find offerings from the RBW collection, a run of Flavian “Judaea Capta” commemoratives, and an attractive Pertinax gold aureus, as well as a unique aureus of Constantine II, as Caesar, formerly part of the Biaggi collection.

Lot 962: LOMBARDS, Tuscany. Municipal coinage. Circa 700-750. Tremissis. Pisa mint. BMC Vandals p. 150, note 1. Extremely fine. Estimate: $25,000.

The Byzantine section features coins from the Cederlind estate and Dr. Lawrence Sporty collection. The early Medieval section is highlighted by three important early Lombardic gold coins, while the World section includes further selections from the Dr. Lawrence A. Adams collection and the Cederlind estate.

Lot 1248: STUART. Charles II. 1660-1685. Medal. Battle of Lowestoft. By J. Roettiers. Struck 1665. MI 503/139; Eimer 230. Extremely fine. Extremely rare in gold. Estimate: $50,000.

CNG 103 features an impressive selection of Scottish coinage from the collection of Arthur M. Fitts III. Other items of note for this sale include an exquisite 19th century collection of Napoleonic medals in a hand-crafted contemporary case, and a spectacular Battle of Lowestoft gold medal of Charles II. This well-rounded sale concludes with a selection of antiquities from the Cederlind estate, and the Petite Museum of Hadji Baba. The final lot in CNG Auction 103 is the Pamphill Hoard of mid-late 3rd century Roman coinage. The Pamphill Hoard is an intact coin hoard found in October 2011 near Pamphill in Dorset, England, and includes the fragments of the two ceramic vessels that contained the coins when they were discovered.

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