Classical Numismatic Group

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31-01-2017 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 390

Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 390

CNG’s Electronic Auction 390 closes on Wednesday, 1 February, beginning at 10 AM ET. This auction features 692 lots with coins from across the ancient and modern worlds… 

Lot 3: Lucania, Thourioi. Double Nomos-Distater, circa 350-300 BC. VF. Estimate: 1,000 USD.

…and opens with a number of notable collections of Greek coins, …

Lot 90: Thessaly, Pharsalos. Drachm. Late 5th-mid 4th century BC. VF. Estimate: 250 USD.

…including further selections from the BCD Collection of Thessalian coins,… 

Lot 116: Elis, Olympia. Stater, 336 BC. VF. Estimate: 3,000 USD.

…the Cederlind Estate,… 

Lot 170: Lycia, Phaselis. Tetradrachm, circa 218/7-186/5 BC. VF. Estimate: 200 USD.

…and Alexander-type coinage from the Will Gordon Collection.

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