Classical Numismatic Group

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18-07-2016 – 26-07-2016

CNG Electronic Auction 379

Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 379

CNG Electronic Auction 379 features 703 lots and is closing on Wednesday, 27 July, beginning at 10 AM ET.

Lot 273: Illici. Tiberius. AD 14-37. As. T. ACIP 3205; RPC I 194. Near very fine. Ex Archer Huntington Collection. Estimate: $100.

The auction opens with a number of Spanish bronzes originating from the Archer M. Huntington Collection, …

Lot 7: Iberia. Bolskan. Circa 80-72 BC. Denarius. ACIP 1422; SNG BM Spain 743-4. Extremely fine. From the Camerata Romeu Collection. Estimate: $200.

… followed by Spanish and Magna Graecia issues from the Camerata Romeu Collection, and additional Thessalian issues from the BCD Collection.

Lot 210: Sasanian Kings. Vahram (Bahram) I. AD 273-276. Drachm. ‘Ctesiphon’ mint. SNS type I(1)/1ab(1a), Style A/c; Sunrise 757. Very fine. From the Delbert Carl Highlands Collection. Estimate: $200.

A splendid run of Sasanian issues from the Delbert Highlands Collection is available in the Central Asian section.

Lot 583: Switzerland. Hannibal / Hannibal Crosses the Alps. Medal. By Jean Dassier & sons, 1740-1750. Eisler 25a; Catenaccipp. 52-3. Extremely fine. From the RBW Collection. Estimate: $100.

Pieces from the RBW Collection, spanning the Greek, Dacian, Roman Provincial, Roman Republican, and Medals section are again available, supplemented this time by an interesting group of Becker forgeries.

Lot 637: Spain. Early 19th century. Scale and weights. Balance scale with pans. Includes five brass weights: 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/8 ounce, and 1/16 ounce. All housed in an ovoid wooden case with paper explanation on underside of lid. Estimate: $200.

The sale concludes with a small collection of 18th-19th century coin scales.

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