Classical Numismatic Group

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22-03-2016 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 371

A Special Sale of Numismatic Literature and Antiquities

Classical Numismatic Group’s Electronic Auction 371 will be closing on March 23, 2016, beginning at 10 AM ET offering 994 lots.

Lot 1: Van Loon, Gerard. Histoire Metallique Des XVII s des Pays-Bas, Depuis l’Abdication de Charles-Quint Jusqu’a La Paix de Bade en MDCCXVI. (La Haye: P. Gosse- J.Neulme -P. De Hondt,, 1732-37). Five parts in four volumes. From the Dr. Lawrence A. Adams library. Estimate $1500.

This sale contains 994 lots representing approximately 2500 books and auction catalogs, with the primary focus being on ancient, medieval, and world numismatic literature. Titles range from antiquarian to the latest editions of numismatic scholarship.

Lot 630: Bellinger, Alfred R. and Grierson, Philip. Byzantine Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks and Whittemore Collections. Volume I to V complete. (Washington D.C.). Volumes I-III in their original clear plastic covers and all in Fine condition, Volumes IV and V are Very Fine. From the J. Eric Engstrom Library. Estimate $500.

Books and catalogs are presented from the libraries of Dr. Lawrence A. Adams, J. S. Wagner, J. Eric Engstrom, Dr. Will Gordon, as well as selections from the library of an American ancient coin dealer, and auction catalog and fixed price list duplicates from the American Numismatic Society.
The American Numismatic Society’s Harry Bass Jr. Library holdings include an almost complete collection of historic auction catalogues. Over the last few years, the ANS has continued to catalogue all of its holdings in the John Adams Rare Book Room, including many duplicate copies of older pre-1945 catalogues. All proceeds from this sale will benefit the Society’s library acquisition fund.

Lot 1223: Glazed ceramic cylinder seal. Syrian, Mitanni, circa 14th-13th centuries BC. From the J. S. Wagner Collection. Estimate $400.

Antiquities in Electronic Auction 371

In addition to the comprehensive offering of numismatic literature, Electronic Auction 371 also features an outstanding selection of antiquities from the collections of J. S. Wagner, David Hendin, Joan Wilde, Dr. Steven Gerson, Frank Kovacs, and Dr. Carl Devries, a noted Egyptologist associated with the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Carl Devries Collection of Egyptian Antiquities, Part I

A former Egyptologist with the University of Chicago, Dr. Devries (1921-2010) excavated in Egypt for over two decades as a member of the Oriental Institute.

Lot 1084: 2nd Intermediate Period. Circa 1650-1550 BC. Blue glazed steatite scarab. Cf. Ben Tor p. 82. From the Carl Devries Collection. Estimate $300.

It was during this time that he assembled a remarkable collection, one particularly strong in scarabs (ancient seals in the form of the sacred beetle), acquiring most of his pieces in Luxor from the noted antiquities dealer Sayed Mollatam. Devries was forced to retire from academia in 1975 due to deteriorating vision resulting from a childhood accident, but he remained very active in church life and served as a substitute pastor in the Chicago area for a number of years. 

Lot 1020. Late Period. 26th-30th Dynasty. 664-332 BC. Brown stone (siliciclastic indurated stone) heart scarab. A named Heart Scarab of the chief of Sem Priests, Panety Luefankh. For Panety Luefank, chief of Sem Priests, see H. Ranke, Die ägyptischen Personennammen (Berlin, 1935), p. 114, 4. Estimate $3000.

The initial offering from the Devries Collection is particularly strong in scarabs with royal and private names, featuring some two dozen pieces, most notably a wonderfully preserved heart scarab of the Sem Priest Panety Luefankh.

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