Classical Numismatic Group

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08-03-2016 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 370

CNG’s Electronic Auction 370 online

Classical Numismatic Group’s Electronic Auction 370 will be closing on March 9, 2016, beginning at 10 AM ET offering 744 lots.

Lot 30: SICILY, Syracuse. Tetradrachm. Struck circa 430-420 BC. McClean 2687 (same dies). VF, lightly toned, reverse off center. From the Colin E. Pitchfork Collection. Estimate $500.

This sale opens with a series of Greek issues from the Colin E. Pitchfork Collection, followed by additional selections from the BCD Collection of Thessalian coinage … 

Lot 95: ATTICA, Athens. Circa 475-465 BC. Tetradrachm. Rhousopoulos 1970. Good VF, toned. Well centered. From the collection of a Northern California Gentleman. Estimate $2000.

… and an attractive group of archaic Athenian owls. 


Lot 430: Sabina. Augusta, AD 128-136/7. Denarius. RIC II 399a (Hadrian); RSC 25. Near EF, lightly toned. From the J. Eric Engstrom Collection. Estimate $300.

Also in this auction, there are coins from the J. Eric Engstrom Collection, featuring Greek, Roman Provincial, Republican, Imperial, Byzantine, Islamic, and World coinage … 

Lot 532: Magnentius. Treveri mint. Struck AD 350-Spring 351. RIC VIII 271; Bastien 32; LRBC 55. Good VF. From the J. Eric Engstrom Collection. Estimate $150.

… as well as a specialized offering of bronzes of Magnentius. 

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