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06-10-2015 – 01-01-1970

CNG 100

Dr. Lawrence A. Adams Collection of Gold Coinage at CNG 100

Classical Numismatic Group presents CNG 100, an Internet and Mail Bid Sale closing electronically on Wednesday, October 7, 2015; from 9 AM ET (U.S.). This sale offers 2376 lots in two catalogs with a presale estimate in excess of $4,500,000.

The first catalog is Part I of the Dr. Lawrence A. Adams collection of gold coinage of the world from ancient to modern times, itself with a presale estimate of $2 million.

Lot 116: KYRENAICA, Kyrene. Circa 331-322 BC. Hemidrachm or Triobol Naville 41l = Jameson 2138 = Weber 8440 (this coin). Good VF. Rare. From the collection of Dr. Lawrence A. Adams. Ex Jameson, Weber, and Moore. Estimate $3,000.

Dr. Adams formed his collection over the past 50 years, and the collection encompasses coins of the world from antiquity to the present day. Many of the ancient coins come from some of the most important sales of the last century, such as Brand, Garrett, Jameson, and other collections.

Lot 401: LOMBARDS, Beneventum. Romoald II. 706-731. Solidus. CNI XVIII p. 122, 19 = BMC Vandals 3 (same dies). Choice EF. From the collection of Dr. Lawrence A. Adams. Ex Carnegie Museum. Estimate $2,000.

Within the context of ancient and early medieval coinage, Dr. Adams focused on certain areas and this first sale will have strong offerings of Carthaginian, Macedonian, early electrum, Sasanian, Hunnic, Bosporan, branch mint Byzantine, Axumite, Visigothic, Beneventum, and Arab Byzantine coins of North Africa.

Lot 891: LOW COUNTRIES, Dutch Republic. Holland. 1581-1795. Drie dukaat. Amsterdam mint. Dated 1673. P&W Am 09.5; Delmonte, Or 778; Friedberg 259. Good VF. Ex Brand Collection. From the collection of Dr. Lawrence A. Adams. Estimate $2,000.

The world section offers a look at coins from Afghanistan to Zanzibar, with particular strengths in French, Italian, and the Low countries. The British section includes a selection of early thrymsas and Scottish coinage. Medal sections include an important offering of 19th century United States, and the sale is rounded off with a selection of modern Olympic pieces.

Lot 1812: The Pompeians. Sextus Pompey. 37/6 BC. Aureus. Uncertain Sicilian mint. Crawford 511/1; RBW 1783. VF. Very rare. Duplicate from the collection of M. A. Armstrong. Estimate $25,000.

The second catalog for CNG 100 is the annual autumn sale, featuring 1152 lots of ancient Greek, Celtic, Oriental Greek, Central Asian, Roman Provincial, Roman Republican, and Roman Imperial coinage. Additionally, there are featured selections of Byzantine, Early Medieval, Islamic, World Coinage & Medals, and British Coinage & Medals. The pre-sale estimate total for this part of CNG 100 is approximately $2.75 million. This promises to be one of our strongest mail bid sales to date.

Lot 1288: SICILY, Syracuse. Dionysios I. 405-367 BC. Dekadrachm. Struck circa 405-390 BC. Gallatin dies R.VIII/C.XV, 3 = Nanteuil 360 (this coin). Good VF. From the Friend of a Scholar Collection. Ex Nanteuil, Picard, and Burel Collections. Estimate $50,000.

The Greek section of CNG 100 is highlighted by a large number of pedigreed coins from the “Friend of a Scholar” collection, including coins from many important collections of the past such as BCD, Gans, Jameson, Knopke, Kunstfreund, Lockett, Nanteuil, Niggeler, Peyrefitte, Pozzi, Prospero, Rothschild, Seltman, Trampitsch, Virzi, and Vlasto.

Lot 1673: INDIA, Kushan Empire. Huvishka. Circa AD 151-190. Dinar. Main mint in Baktria. MK 156 (O1/R1); cf. ANS Kushan 723 (for type). Superb EF. Extremely rare. Estimate $10,000.

The sale also includes a comprehensive Kushan gold collection, further selections of Greek and Roman coinage from the R.H. Collection, rare Roman Alexandrian from the Syracuse Collection, Roman coins from the Olav E. Klingenberg Collection, further selections of Byzantine coinage from the Prue Morgan Fitts Collection, and a collection of exceptional milled English being sold anonymously.

View here the digital catalogs for the Adams Collection and CNG 100.

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