Classical Numismatic Group

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05-05-2015 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 350

CNG’s Electronic Auction 350 online

Classical Numismatic Group’s Electronic Auction 350 will be closing on May 6, 2015, from 10 AM ET offering 757 lots.

Lot 119: THESSALY, Larissa. Circa 380-370 BC. Fourée Drachm Cf. Lorber, Thessalian 100; cf. BCD Thessaly II 183; cf. HGC 4, 448. Near EF. From the BCD Collection. Estimate: $300.

Coins from several important collections are again available, including Thessalian silver and bronze issues from BCD …

Lot 336: PONTUS, Heracleopolis. Septimius Severus. AD 193-211. Dated CY 208 (AD 205/6). HC (date) upward to right. RG 6B var. (bust type). Near VF. Extremely rare. From the Dr. George Spradling Collection. Estimate: $200.

… Roman provincial issues from the Spradling Collection …

Lot 597: Julian II. AD 360-363. Sirmium mint. Struck AD 361-363. EF. From the Estate of Wayne C. Philips. Estimate $100.

… and various Roman coinages from the estate of Wayne C. Philips.

Lot 21: BRUTTIUM, Kroton. Circa 425-350 BC. Nomos. HN Italy 2148; SNG ANS 344. VF. From the collection of a Southern Pathologist. Estimate $300.

Also featured in this auction are further pieces from the Collection of a Southern Pathologist and the Joan Wilde Collection. The sale is rounded out by a collection of Egyptian and related scarabs.

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