Classical Numismatic Group

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21-10-2014 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 337

CNG’s Electronic Auction 337 online

Classical Numismatic Group’s Electronic Auction 337 will be closing on 22 October from 10 AM ET.

Lot: 57: THESSALY, Trikka. Circa 440-400 BC. Hemidrachm (15mm, 3.00 g, 11h). From the BCD Collection. Ex John W. Garrett Collection. VF, toned. Estimate: $150.

This sale marks the beginning of a series of offerings from the BCD Collection of the coinage of Thessaly. Over the next year, each electronic auction will feature a select group of thirty coins from this famous collection.

Lot: 126: PHOENICIA, Tyre. 126/5 BC-AD 65/6. Half Shekel (21mm, 12h). Dated CY 16 (111/10 BC). DCA-Tyre 461; DCA 921 (R3); HGC 10, 358. In NGC encapsulation graded Ch VF. Very rare. Estimate: $300.

In addition to the BCD coins, the present auction also offers a group of encapsulated shekels of Tyre …

Lot: 452: Clodius Albinus. As Caesar, AD 193-195. Denarius (18mm, 3.16 g, 12h). Rome mint. Struck under Septimius Severus, AD 193. RIC IV 1a; RSC 58. Good VF, lightly toned. Good metal. Estimate: $1500.

… and a number of interesting Roman Imperial issues from Group SGF.

Lot: 607: New Kingdom. 1550-1075 BC. Steatite scaraboid (15x10mm). From the Dr. John N. Winnie Collection. Once glazed, pierced for mounting. Estimate: $100.

The sale concludes with an array of Egyptian scarabs.

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