Classical Numismatic Group

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16-12-2014 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 341

CNG’s Electronic Auction 341 online

Classical Numismatic Group’s Electronic Auction 341 will be closing on 17 December 2014 from 10 AM ET offering 641 lots.

Lot 5: SYRIA, Coele-Syria. Damascus (as Demetrias?). Circa 95-85 BC. (21.5mm, 8.35 g, 12h). De Saulcy 4. Near EF. From the J.S. Wagner Collection. Estimate $150.

This sale opens with a selection of Greek and Roman Provincial issues of Damascus from the J.S. Wagner Collection.

Lot 209: KINGS of LYDIA. temp. Alyattes – Kroisos. Circa 620/10-550/39 BC. EL Trite – Third Stater (12mm, 4.70 g). Sardes mint. Weidauer Group XVI, 86-9. EF. From the J. Herbert Collection. Estimate $2000.

Following that are additional Thessalian coins from the BCD Collection, as well as various issues from the J. Herbert Collection and from the Collection of a Southern Pathologist.

Lot 253: KINGS of PARTHIA. Phriapatios to Mithradates I. Circa 185-132 BC. Drachm (19.5mm, 3.57 g, 12h). Nisa mint. Sellwood (Mithradates I) 10.4. Near VF. Very rare. From the David Sellwood Collection. Estimate $100.

In the Oriental Greek section, we feature a group of Parthian drachms from the famed David Sellwood Collection.

Lot 283: BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Lysias Aniketos. Circa 130-125 BC. Drachm (22mm, 2.46 g, 12h). Bopearachchi 6B. Good VF. From the TJH Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 136. Estimate $200.

Pieces from the TJH Collection are also scattered throughout the sale.

To browse through the complete auction catalogue click here.