Classical Numismatic Group

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24-06-2014 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 329

CNG’s Electronic Auction 329 online

CNG’s Electronic Auction 329 offers 667 lots closing on June 25, 2014. This sale opens with a group of quality Greek coins in bronze, silver, …

36: IONIA, Erythrai. EL Hekte / Sixth Stater, circa 550-500 BC. Boston MFA 1806-7. EF. Estimate $1500.

… and electrum from the exquisite Berkeley Collection. Following are the Greek section, …

79: ATTICA, Athens. Tetradrachm, circa 454-404 BC. SNG Copenhagen 31. Good VF. Estimate: $500.

… with a run of Athenian tetradrachms, and the Roman, …

377: Gaius (Caligula). Sestertius, Rome mint, AD 37-38. RIC I 33. Near VF. Estimate: $1,000.

… featuring the Fairfield Collection.

136: AEOLIS, Myrina. Tetradrachm, circa 160-143 BC. SNG Copenhagen 223. Good VF. Estimate: $500.

Also offered throughout the sale are remaining coins from the vast Demetrios Armounta Collection. As always, the auction closes with a fine selection of group lots from all areas.

You can browse through the auction catalogue or bid online on the CNG website.