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12-12-2016 – 01-01-1970

Numismatique Live Auction

CGB Live Auction – Winter 2016

Nearly 500 lots will be up for sale during CGB’s Live Auction on 13 December 2016, from Ancient coinage to Royal and Modern French coins as well as World coins.

The auction will begin with a fine assortment of ancient coins. An interesting selection of over fifty Greek coins will introduce the catalogue, in particular with a very beautiful Tetradrachma from Syracuse (Lot 409768), a magnificent Philip III Arrhidaeus gold Stater for Abydos (Lot 409565), a rare Tetradrachma of Cleopatra Thea and Antiochus VIII Grypus (Lot 409713).

Lot 409565: Macedonia. Philipp III Arrhidaios (for Abydos, Troas). Stater, c. 323-316 BC. MS. Estimate: 7,500 EUR.

In the selection of Roman coins, you’ll find a rare Domitius Ahenobarbus Denier (Lot 408194), a beautiful Faustina Minor Aureus (Lot 412726), a rare and lovely Septimius Severus Aureus (Lot 409820) and a rare denarius from the dynastic currency minted for Septimius Severus and Caracalla (Lot 411378). A very splendid Emperor Basiliscus Solidus (Lot 408749) will close out this part of the auction.

The same goes for Byzantine coins with a very lovely series of Byzantine Solidi including a Tiberius III Apsimar (Lot 408792) or a splendid Nomisma Histamenon of Emperor Basil II (Lot 408793). 

Lot 412303: Celts. Arverni. Stater. aEF. Estimate: 30,000 EUR.

The Live Auction on 13 December 2016 is offering a remarkable selection of Celtic coins, especially gold ones, mainly from two major collections, with interesting pedigrees. Among them there are four Arverni Staters (including a remarkable one that has a head with a mustache (Lot 412303) and a CAS with a lily and a stork (Lot 412344), two Parisii Staters and a quarter from the same civilization, a lovely set of gold, electrum, silver and billon Armorican coins, as well as the exceptional COVERTOMOTVL Drachma (Lot 411517) and a series of silver Massalia coins (a few drachmas and four ancient coins from the Auriol Treasure).

The portion dedicated to french royal coins has a particularly rich selection of rare coins. This means you’ll find both a gold Ecu with salamanders from the reign of French King Francis I minted in Toulouse (Lot 413306) and one minted in La Rochelle (Lot 413308), from the L.G. collection which was amassed between 1925 and 1955. Take a look at the extremely rare Louis XI gold Half-Ecu (Lot 409595), also from the L.G. collection, a Louis XII Teston from Paris (Lot 413310) or a magnificent gold Ecu with a porcupine from Bretagne (Lot 413311).

Lot 397744: Charles de Lorraine-Chaligney. 4 Francs, Verdun. EF. Estimate: 15,000 EUR.

There is a coin-collecting benchmark among the feudal coins, the Verdun four franc coin of Charles de Lorraine-Chaligny (Lot 397744) which was already officially listed during the nineteenth century, and first became part of the Wormser collection before being sold at the Monte Carlo Vinchon auction in November 1982. The Lorraine region of France will be well represented with several extremely rare coins. Another noteworthy coin among the feudal coins is a Gros from Bergerac in the name of Henry of Lancaster (Lot 411677), a Denier attributed to Andorra (Lot 408768) or the Gaston d’Orléans Ecu minted in 1652 in Trévoux (Lot 413313).

Next up are the coins from the Modern French period (post French Revolution) with one hundred and eleven lots being auctioned. Among them a very rare 20-Franc copper-nickel Turin pattern coin (Lot 397419), which has a more widely-spaced ESSAI and the edge has 159 ridges. When it comes to gold coins, we’ll give you the opportunity to buy a 1904 A, 50 Francs Génie, PCGS MS63 (Lot 383278), or even more rare (mintage 800), a 1896 A, 50 Francs (Lot 382967). A rare large-model 1855 A, 5 Francs (Lot 409484), of which only 1346 specimens were minted, is also being auctioned off.

The Fourth French Republic and the interim government will also be very well represented, in particular with a 1954 B, 20 Francs G. Guiraud (Lot 379651) and a 1947 5 Francs Lavrillier bronze-aluminum (Lot 411881), both in remarkable condition, PCGS MS64. Placed on auction for the very first time by CGB, a very rare 1830 Five-Franc silver Essai by Galle (Lot 413031) is also noteworthy.

Lot 410334: Russia. Catherine II. Poltina Novodel 1777, St Petersburg. MS. Estimate: 10,000 EUR.

The auction will end with a selection of World coins dedicated in part to Russia with a very beautiful ensemble of Russian coins including several Novodels. The key item from this ensemble is a rare Poltina for Catherine II from 1777 (Lot 410334) with 10 and 5 Kopeck coins from Siberia (Lots 410323 and 410333). The Russian series is supplemented by a rare Polish coin, a 1823 10-Zloty with a magnificent effigy of Alexander I (Lot 410290). Take a look also at the very beautiful 1855 Swedish 20 Kronor MS65+, the most scarce year of the series (Lot 408122).

Also on offer an essay specimen of a 1925 bronze Vreneli 100-Franc for Switzerland (Lot 326267) as well as several rare essays from all over the world and the colonies. Once again the ensemble on offer will be rich and diverse.

For more information about this auction please go to the website of CGB.

You will find the online catalogue here.