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29-06-2015 – 01-01-1970

e-monnaies 3

Beautiful Royal Gold Coins at the Summer Live Auction of cgb

498 lots are presented during the summer live auction of “e-monnaies 3”, from Ancient coins to French modern coins, including World coins. The auction will be closing on June 30 2015, from 2 pm.

Antigone Doson tetradrachm. UNC. Estimate: 15,000 euro.

While going through the catalog, take time to look over this beautiful Antigone Doson tetradrachm graded UNC. As indicated in the comments, this specimen has kept all its brilliant finish and offers an absolutely fantastic reverse side with finely detailed high reliefs.

Philip VI of Valois. Ange d’or. 1342. EF. Estimate: 16,000 euro.

You will also discover many gold Royal Coins, including the extremely rare Henry V of Lancaster “salut d’or” minted in Rouen or a wonderfully preserved Philippe VI de Valois “Ange d’or” with very high reliefs.

Or take a look at this rarely-seen “denier d’or à la masse” of Philip IV the Fair, missing to most of the collections.

Sol trial piece “à la table de loi”. 1793 Paris. MS. Estimate: 3,000 euro.

The exceptional state of preservation of the one sol trial piece called “à la table de loi” will no doubt surprise you. This coin had already enjoyed great success when put up for sale for the Vente Monnaies 54. This one had indeed recorded 12 offers, and the coin was eventually auctioned off for 2520 €.

Emperor Napoléon. 5 Francs. 1814 CL. Estimate: 35,000 euro.

Moreover, do not miss this new specimen of the Collection Idéale, a very rare 5 Francs 1814 CL. As mentioned in the catalog, with 1,185 copies minted, this coin is the rarest item of the F.307 series. It is one of the three specimen recorded in database, after those of the Collection ANPB-Milan (F 25) and Victor Guilloteau (F 20). The specimen put up for sale (see below) is graded TTB 48, and is thus by far the most beautiful known exemplary.

Connoisseurs of toned coins will also be attracted by a 10 centimes 1855, minted in Paris from the Carol Plante Collection.

A selection of 36 World Coins complements this live auction, including a Philippe III 4-escudo coin minted in 1607 in Segovia or a “demi-saint-Vincent” minted in Porto.

Finally, a nice series of Thalers from Transylvania and the Kingdoms of Hungary and Poland is worth to mention.

You can browse through the complete auction catalogue online here.