Cayón Numismática

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11-06-2018 – 01-01-1970

Electronic auction L

Cayón’s Electronic Auction L online

Cayón’s Electronic Auction L will be closing 12 June 2018 at 5 pm, Madrid. The sale features almost 650 lots including an almost complete peseta collection with raree and scarce lots as 1968 and 1968 sets and the E-51 series.

Lot 6257: Hispano-Arabic. Ali ben Yusuf. Sevilla. Dinar. 522 H. Extremely fine- / Extremely fine. Starting bid: 500 euros.

These are the topics: Segovia mint collection (lots 6001-6246), ancient coins (lots 6247-6254), Spanish coins up to Felipe V, 1700 (lots 6255-6294), up to Isabel II, 1868 (lots 6295-6413), peseta and large lots (lots 6414-6532) …

Lot 6585: Genoa. Escudo largo. 1691. Very fine+. Starting bid: 400 euros.

… and world coins (lots 6533-6647).

The first part is a nice collection of Segovia mint minor coins, since medieval time to Isabel II, including some scarce dates and some error as HSIP. The peseta part includes an almost complete collection including rare and scarce lots as 1968 and 1968 sets and the E-51 series.

Lot 6577: Ethiopia. Complete gold set of 200, 100, 50, 20, and 10 Ethiopian dollars on 75th birthday and 50th year of the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie I. 1966. Starting bid: 4,800 euros.

Among the rest of the almost 650 lots collectors can find some particular gold coins like a rare Ethiopia original gold set, 3 gold Spanish Arabic dinars, 2 gold florins and a dozen of 1 escudo, 8 and 4 escudos coins, also a 20$ USA …

Lot 6586: Great Britain. William. Crown. 1604-19. Very fine / Very fine+. Starting bid: 175 euros.

… and a British gold crown of William.

Lot 6537: Germany. 5 reichsmark (450 years University of Tübingen). 1927. Extremely fine-. Starting bid: 100 euros.

Also some interesting coins as a 1691 Genova large scudo, a 5 reichsmark from Tübingen University or a scarce 1770 Madrid maravedi.

In addition the sale closes with several large lots, rolls and sets of Spanish and world coins.

To bid online or to browse the catalogue go to Cayón’s website.