Cayón Numismática, E-Madrid

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30-01-2018 – 01-01-1970

Extraordinary Auction

Spanish 8 escudos with amazing results

The “Extraordinary Auction” of Cayón Subastas in Madrid, Spain, January 31st, 2018 consisted in a large group of Spanish gold 8 escudos, along with Spanish peseta coins, and a third session with important lots from ancient to modern Spain. This Auction closes Cayón’s celebrations for their 50 years auctioning. And this special sale has seen very strong results.

The auction room at the Palace hotel was full, in addition to a lot of bidders who had almost bid all lots prior to the beginning of the sale. Also there were lots of internet live bidders using the new system (via web and app) and some phone bidders.

Lot 4409: Amadeo I. Madrid. 100 pesetas. 1871*18-71. SDM. Starting price: 100,000 euros. Realized: 164,400 euros.

Almost all 8 escudos onzas have been sold. The most important lot was the gold 100 pesetas Amadeo (lot 4409). The starting price was 100,000 euro, and the lot already opened for 120,000… since then floor bidder and a phone bidder were bidding until the hammer close the auction for 137,000 euro (164,400 euro with the buyers fee). Cayón says that it is supposed to be a world record in auction for this piece.

Lot 4182: Carlos III. Sevilla. 8 escudos. 1762. Starting price: 40,000 euros. Realized: 58,800 euros.

Good results for the gold 8 escudos that cover the period from Felipe V to Fernando VII were additionally: a nice and rare Sevilla mint 1762 (lot 4182) sold for 58,800 euro, an extremely rare Madrid mint 1818 (lot 4338) sold for 45,000 euro. Also strong was the price for first lot (4001), a 8 escudos from Madrid 1729 that was sold for 20,700 euro. Finally, two Guatemala mint, Carlos III 1781 (lot 4061) and Fernando VI (lot 4023) were sold for 15,120 and 24,600 euro respectively.

Lot 4405: Provisional Government. Madrid. 5 pesetas. 1869*18-69. SNM. Starting price: 22,500 euros. Realized: 34,800 euros.

From Spanish peseta part, one can highlight a very strong price for the rare 5 pesetas 1869 (lot 4405) that was sold for 34,800 euro and another very rare crown 1888 MSM (lot 4438) that was sold for 11,700 euro.

Lot 5066: Spain. Madrid. 5 pesetas. 1949*19-49. Starting price: 30,000 euros. Realized: 37,800 euros.

Last part of the sale consisted in a highly important single coins, World, ancient and Spanish. Some lots were unsold, but others brought good results; two rare british sovereigns (lots 5001 and 5002) were sold for 14,400 and 12,600 euro, one Visigoth tremis from Witiza (lot 5010) was sold for 9,000 euro, the large silver coin of 50 reales 1620 (lot 5020) was sold for 12,000 euro, an extremely rare coin of the war of Independence (Fernando VII) minted in Mexico, Valladolid de Michoacan, (lot 5049) was sold for 27.000 euro, a rare and very nice Isabel II crown minted in Madrid 1840 (lot 5055) was sold for 14,400 euro, the gold 20 pesetas 1904 (lot 5062) was sold for 4,080 euro and an exceptional 5 pesetas 1949 (lot 5066) – of which are only two known – was sold for 37,800 euro.

You can find the auction catalogue with all results on the Cayón website.