Cayón Numismática, E-Madrid

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02-07-2018 – 01-01-1970

Extraordinary Auction July

Iberian denarii collection highlights Cayón Auction

Cayón Subastas Auction hold a sale at the Palace Hotel, Madrid, July 3, 2018. About 1,000 lots were distributed in four parts.

Kolounioku mint denarius. Realised: 6,900 euro.

The first part was one of the most important Iberian denarii collection ever sold (almost 250 lots). The rare Kolounioku mint with 1,000 euro starting price was sold for 6,900 euro. A beautiful Sekaisa mint (starting 1,500) was sold for 4,200 euro. The strongest fight was for an Arsaos piece: from 120 euro starting price bidding ended only at 2,750 euro!

Fernando VII. 8 reales, 1809, Gerona. Realised: 32,400 euro.

The second part saw Spanish silver crown 8 reales. The highlight was the extremely rare Gerona 1809. It was sold for 32,400 euro. A pillar from Mexico 1732 mint MX assayer F was sold for 8,400 euro (3,500 starting price). Strong results for rest of silver coins, there were no unsold lots of this part. It is a good momentum for peninsular and vicerroyalty silver 8 reales: an attractive pillar Mexico 1745 was gone for 3,120 euro and a terrific Seville crown 1705 gone for 4,750 euro.

The third part was dedicated to gold Spanish minor coins, including a collection of ½ escudo. Just one unsold lot in this part. The 20 pesetas 1904 and 1892 were sold for 2,880 and 3,360. A dozen of ½ escudo were sold over the 400 euro (even some over 900).

New Reign. 8 escudos, 1750. Realised: 13,320 euro.

The last part was made of 8 escudos and gold onzas. The Nuevo Reino 1750 (starting 7,000 euro) and 320 reales Napoleon 1810 (starting 6,500 euro) were sold for 13,320 and more than 9,000 euro. No unsold lots for this part, which is a very good news for the market. 

8 escudos, 1745, Lima. Realised: 11,400 euro.

There were strong fights for some gold coins, including the Lima pieces: the nice 1745 with stars decoration (starting price 4,000 euro), was sold for 11,400 euro.

You can see all results on the Cayón website.

The complete catalog is available as PDF.

And this is the Cayón website.