Thursday, 21.11.2019

Closed auctions

Nomisma, RSM-Serravalle

Nomisma’s auction 60 is called “500 Rarities” and it comprises indeed many important specimens in exceptional quality like one of the major rarities of the Italian nineteenth century: a 5 Lire coin, minted by Napoleon’s second wife Maria Luigia with a starting price of 250.000,00 euros.

Naville Numismatics Ltd.

This sale features a selection of 781 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts.

Classical Numismatic Group

CNG’s online auction features 766 lots with offerings of coins from two major collections: the J.B. Collection and the Jack A. Frazer Collection. This sale also presents a number of antiquities: ancient near Eastern seals, Greek ceramics, and Roman glass.

Cayón Numismática

Cayón Numismática offers nearly 951 lots ranging from ancient to modern coins including medals and several large lots. Among the highlights are a rare dirham from the Hudies of Lerida, a gold 100 pesetas Alfonso XIII, and a collection of half real from Lima and Potosi.

Heidelberger Münzhandlung

The 77th auction of Heidelberger Münzhandlung covers the entire spectrum of numismatics: from ancient to modern times, from coins to paper money and literature. Special highlights are ancient gold coins, Bavarian rarities and an extensive collection of Russian and German coins of excellent quality from the 19th and the 20th century.

Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., D-Frankfurt am Main

A Celts Collection untouched for decades, a tasteful collection of southern German and northern Swiss bracteates and uniface pennies, unique coins from the Seleukid Empire: From ancient to modern times Peus has exciting items on offer.

Classical Numismatic Group

CNG’s online auction features 619 lots with Sicilian bronze issues and Roman aurei from the Alpine Collection. The sale is rounded out by a handful of crude but rare and historically interested Irish copper issues from the Cities of Refuge during the Great Rebellion.

Éditions Victor Gadoury, MC-Monaco

On 15 and 16 November 2019, the Gadoury auction offers something for every collector – at the highest level: From the finest ancient coins to coins from all over the world and to the second part of the spectacular collection of a gentleman from the House of Savoy.

Kolbe & Fanning

Kolbe & Fanning offers the personal library formed over half a century by numismatic bookseller George F. Kolbe. The auction features not only those works discussed in Kolbe’s reference volume of 2012, but additional items acquired in the years since.

Frankfurter Münzhandlung Nachf. GmbH, D-Fankfurt am Main

With Auction 153 Frankfurter Münzhandlung continues its long tradition. The auction’s core is an extensive collection of Gold Coins of the German Empire – 257 single lots, featuring almost exclusively objects of outstanding grade.