Monday, 2023.05.29
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Virginia City – Where monetary history was written…

Do you believe, too, that precious metal always retains its value? Well, then you better accompany us to Virginia City, where, in the Comstock Lode, so much silver was found that the silver standard was rendered obsolete.

The mints of San Francisco Part 1: The Old Mint

Join us on our trip to the “Old Mint” of San Francisco. Old and new photos give an insight into the minting as it was done in The Granite Lady.

Bullion coins part 3: The American Eagle

This bullion coin of the United States, first released in 1986, can look back on a long tradition. Its obverse takes up an effigy that was designed by one of the greatest American artists.

Bullion coins part 4: American Buffalo

The bullion coin “American Buffalo” is supposed to capture the beauty of the Wild West. In reality though, the models used for the images were anything but wild.

A mint for the Comstock Lode in Carson City / Nevada

Only for a few years the US Mint struck gold and silver coins at its branch in Carson City. Only 57 types of gold coins originated there. Auction house Gadoury is now able to offer an impressive number of these rarities in their forthcoming auction.

The Hero of the Second War of American Independence

As part of its Berlin Auction 285, the auction house Künker offers a Congressional Gold Medal. This is no medal like any other, but the one President Madison handed personally to Alexander Macomb, the Hero of Plattsburgh. We are telling his story.


Jack London, Klondike and Burning Daylight One day in December Daylight filled a pan from bed rock on his own claim and carried it into his cabin. Here a fire burned and enabled him to keep water unfrozen in a canvas tank. He squatted over the tank and began to wash...

The Mint of the United States of America in Philadelphia

In contrast to many other mints which seldom allow a visit to their production site, the Philadelphia Mint offered their visitors a comprehensive program including official guided tours and souvenirs as early as the end of the 19th century...

Cent, Nickel, Dime – what is depicted on American coinage and why?

Everybody all over the world is acquainted with the American dollar. But did you ever have a closer look at the three smallest denominations of US coinage? They represent the American conception of the world, too. At the risk of boring our constant readers from the United States, here is a short comment on the subjects pictured there...

Gold rush in California: part II

Countless stories tell of the Californian gold rush which brought thousands of men to America, the Promised Land. But the gold made only very few rich. The majority died as a result of the exertion during the travel, the hard work and the disappointment when they returned back home, poorer than they had come. Their story should be told here.

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