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Expeditions into the realm of numismatics Part 1: The missing gold gulden or Basel as papal mint

In our series “Expeditions into the realm of numismatics”, we are taking you on an expedition to the treasures of the Basel Coin Cabinet. The first part revolves around a minting die for a papal gold gulden with the title of Felix V.

Erasmus of Rotterdam in Basel – part 2: The inheritance of Bonifacius Amerbach

You can still have a look at Erasmus of Rotterdam’s collection until this day, because the collector Bonifacius Amerbach kept it and gave it to the city. In this episode, among other things, you will see the chest, Amerbach kept the estate in.

Images from a minting workshop of the 16th century

How were coins produced in the 16th century? Only few illustrations provide information about that process. One of the most important is a pane featuring the coat of arms of the Schaffhausen mint master Werner Zentgraf...

What was salvation’s price?

How much did a believer of the late Middle Ages invest in order to win salvation? We will add up figures coming from a really built chapel in order to figure it out...

Bullion coins part 6: The Vreneli

The relationship between the Swiss people and their Vreneli could be described as nostalgic, even loving almost. This traditional Swiss bullion coins is still a typical gift for births, First Communions or confirmations.

Erasmus of Rotterdam in Basel – part 1: The art of giving

Did you know that you can still have a look at the numismatic collection of Erasmus of Rotterdam at the Basler Historisches Museum? We will show you several medals from his personal collection.

Swissmint – Federal Mint in the Kirchenfeld / Bern

The Swiss Mint was founded more than 100 years ago. Read here how a mint looked like in those days...

Memorabilia of Shootings as signs of Swiss Traditions

Shooting festivals are a most typical Swiss tradition. Medals, cups, and other memorabilia can be won and collected. Based on a special collection, which is currently being auctioned off by Sincona, Jürg Richter gives a comprehensive overview on this topic.

The schneckentaler from Zug

On June 20, 2012 an exhibition on the occasion of 25 years of Sturzenegger foundation was opened in Schaffhausen. During all these years the numismatic collection has received many important acquisitions, too, like for example a schneckentaler from Zug.

Money supply the Italian way

On June 20, 2012 in Schaffhausen an exhibition was opened in occasion of 25 years Sturzenegger Foundation. In these years the numismatic department too has received many important acquisitions as for instance a fraudulent imitation of Schaffhausen coins initiated by Prince Siro of Austria at Correggio.

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