Friday, 25.06.2021
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Human faces, part 47: The frivolous Vreneli

Why was the human head the motif on coins for centuries, no, for millennia? Discussions about the precise nature of these heads could be highly entertaining as the example of the Swiss Vreneli demonstrates.

Sicilian Mosaic Part 7: The coinage of Himera and Acragas

Do you know the coins from Himera with the crab of Acragas on the reverse? More about the coinage of these two cities and the historical background of this particular reverse motif can be found here.

Wolrab’s medal on the military relief of Vienna

In 1683, Johann Jacob Wolrab created one of the most beautiful medals showing the relief of Vienna, which marked the end of the second Ottoman siege. Incredibly rich in details, this strike depicts the dramatic battle at Kahlenberg Mountain.

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