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14-06-2014 – 01-01-1970

eAuction #27

Auctiones’ new eAuction

Bern-based auction house Auctiones announces that eAuction #27 will end on June 15, featuring 323 lots from the following areas: Celtic and Greek (18), Roman Provincial (13), Roman Republic (3), Roman Imperial (32), Early Medieval and Byzantine (8), Islamic (12), Modern (229), Lots (8).

In the Celtic and Greek sections, highlights include a Kaulonia Nomos …

9: Kings of Macedon. Philip II. Stater, Pella, c.323-315 BC. Le Rider p. 174, 427, pl. 66 (D193/R316). Mint state. Estimated: CHF 5,000.

… and a Philip II AV Stater. The Roman Provincial section with thirteen coins is followed by three Republican coins, while the Roman imperial section features a number of interesting issues such as the civil war Augustus Denarius, a struck Paduan Vespasian Sestertius, …

56: Carus (AD 282-283) with Carinus. Antoninianus, Lugdunum (Lyon). RIC V, 143. Good very fine. Estimated: CHF 2,000.

… a Carus and Carinus Antoninianus with jugate portraits and a Constantinus I Solidus from the Trau collection. The Byzantine and Islamic sections include a number of gold coins of various rulers. Many highlights can be found in the large modern coins category, …

90: Bulgaria, Tsardom. Ferdinand I. 100 Leva, Sofia mint. Dually dated 22 September 1908 and 1912. KM 34. About uncirculated. Estimated: CHF 2,500.

… starting with a Bulgaria AV 100 Leva 1908 (1912), an uncirculated Leopold II Francescone 1856, an EF Aquileia AR Denaro, a Genova AV Ducato (1480), a Yugoslavia Essai 2 Dinara 1925 …

304: British India. Bengal Presidency, in the name of Shah ‘Alam II. Mohur, dually dated 1183 AH = RY 11 = 1770-1771, Murshidabad (Calcutta) mint. KM 764. Extremely fine. Estimated: CHF 2,500.

… and a British India AV Mohur 1184 AH. The sale also includes an important collection of Swiss AR 5 Franken and Shooting Talers. The sale closes with 8 lots.

The coins can be viewed during the auction time in Bern, CH, by prior appointment.

You can browse through the auction catalogue on the Auctiones website.