Auctiones GmbH, CH-Bern

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20-02-2016 – 01-01-1970

eAuction #45

Auctiones 45: Ancient and World Coins

Auctiones announces its eAuction #45 which is taking place from February 7 to 21.

33: Athens, Attica. Tetradrachm, circa 430s BC. Agora 8a-8b. Good extremely fine. Estimate: 2500/2000 CHF.

This is an interesting sale featuring 303 lots from various collecting areas, of which the first half is devoted to ancient coinage.

38: Kythera, island off Lakonia. Tetrachalkon, circa 100-50 BC. BCD Peloponnesos 998 (same dies). Very rare. Good very fine. Estimate: 1000/800 CHF.

Highlights include an EF Athens Tetradrachm, a very rare Kythera bronze and a number of Roman imperial rarities such as an Antinoos medallion and a Plotina Denarius. 

201: Great Britain. Edward VI (1547-1553). AV Angel n.d. Fr. 190; North 1931. Extremely rare. Well struck and very fine. Estimate: 30’000/20’000 CHF.

The sale continues with 126 modern coins with lot 201, an extremely rare AV Angel of Edward VI – a magnificent rarity of excellent style.

169: Zand. Karim Khan (1753-1779). Mohur, Kashan, AH1171. Album 2787, type B. Extremely rare. Good extremely fine. Estimate: 7000/4000 CHF.

The sale finally closes with 14 multiple lots. 

The coins can be viewed during the auction time in Bern by prior appointment.

You can browse through the auction catalogue on the Auctiones website.