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26-04-2017 – 01-01-1970


Atlas Numismatics Publishes their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 465 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:


Attractive Shekel of Tyre
1042986: Greek Phoenicia. Tyre. Struck Yr. 40 (87/6 BC). AR Tetradrachm (Shekel). NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5. 14.42gm. Bust of Melkart right, wearing laurel wreath, (lion skin around neck) / Eagle standing left on prow; palm frond in background; to left, LM (date) above club; M to right, Phoenician letter between legs; cf BMC 133 (var. monograms). Very attractively toned. 3,550 USD


Chinese Visit to the Brussels Mint
1042961: China.1909 AR Medal. NGC MS62. 37.1mm. 25.4gm. Dupriez 1676. Struck to commemorate the visit of his excellence Tong-Shao-Yi, correspndent of the Emperor of China upon his visit to the Brussels Mint in Belgium. Extremely rare in silver (normally struck in nickel). The only such example we can locate. 9,750 USD


Choice Nurnberg City View Thaler
1043093: German States. Nurnberg. 1768 SR AR Thaler. PCGS MS63. Imperial orb on eagle’s breast. KM 350; Dav.-2494. Lovely prooflike surfaces. 3,350 USD


Beautiful Cromwell Death Medal in Gold
1043373: Great Britain. England. Oliver Cromwell. 1658 AV Death Medal. NGC MS62. Edge: Milled. 28mm. Shepherd tending flock under olive tree. Eimer 201; MI 434-84. Superb cabinet patina, prooflike surfaces. One of the most attractive examples we have encountered. 19,500 USD


Lovely 1876 5 Drachmai
1041625: Greece. George I. 1876-A AR 5 Drachmai. NGC MS64. Paris. Old head left /Arms within crowned mantle. KM 46; Divo 50b. Superb frosty surfaces with lovely toning, extremely rare in this quality. 9,500 USD

Current and Upcoming Events

Atlas will be attending the following numismaticconventions. Please stop by and say hello if you have a chance:

The 28th Annual Tokyo International Coin Convention (TICC) – Booth #R-3
April 28-April 30, 2017
The Royal Park Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

The 51th World Coin, Stamp, Phone Card Fair – Booth #TDB
June 2-June 4
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan Building, 12th Floor Diamond Hall, Yuraku-cho, Tokyo, Japan

Long Beach Expo – Table #745
June 8-10, 2017
Long Beach, CA

Whitman Summer Expo – Table #TBD
June 22-June 25, 2017
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.
For more information and to sign up for the firm’s monthly newsletter, visit the website of Atlas Numismatics.