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04-11-2015 – 01-01-1970

Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics Publishes their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 344 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed price. Selections include the following items:

Beautiful Julius Caesar Portrait
1031504: ROMAN IMPERATORIAL. Julius Caesar. (Dictator, d. 44 BC). Struck circa 44 BC. P. Sepullius Macer, moneyer. Denarius. NGC AU (About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5. Rome. Cr 480/5b; Syd 1071. Superb portrait, very rare type in this quality. $13,500.

Lustrous Mint State Athenian “Owl”
1031987: GREEK. ATTICA. Athens. Struck circa 440-404 BC. Tetradrachm. NGC MS (Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Kroll 8; HGC 4, 1597. Superb lustrous surfaces, very attractive. $4,950.

Choice Proof 1925 100 Lire
1032717: ITALY. Vittorio Emanuele III. 1925-R 100 Lire. NGC PR63 Matte. Rome. KM 66. Matte finish. 25th year of reign, 10th Anniversary – World War I Entry. Lovely smooth matte surfaces. $16,500.

Gem 1898 ZAR Pond
1031791: SOUTH AFRICA. 1898 Pond, Een. NGC MS65. ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK. Bust left / Single shaft wagon tongue. KM 10.2; F-2. Very rare in this quality. $6,750.

Pedigreed Gem Proof Morgan Dollar
1033376: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 1892 Morgan Dollar. PCGS PR65. U.S. Mint, Philadelphia. KM 110; Breen 5625. Beautiful light toning. From the estate of the McCormicks, descendants of the McCormick family of International Harvester of Chicago, major exhibitors at the Columbian Exposition of 1892. $5,950.

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