Agora Numismatiek

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31-08-2016 – 01-01-1970

Fixed-Price List Fall 2016

Agora Numismatiek publishes its latest Fixed-Price List

Agora Numismatiek has updated its website with 40 new high quality ancient coins at fixed prices. In addition Agora Numismatiek has published its Fixed-Price List for the Fall of 2016 in print.
Selections include the following items:

Sicily, Naxos. Didrachm.

Sicily, Naxos. Ca. 430 – 415 BC. AR didrachm, 8.27 gr. Obv: ΝΑΧΙΩΝ; laureate head of Apollo to the right; behind neck: laurelleaf with berry. Rev: naked Silenos squatting facing, kantharos in raised right hand, thyrsos in left; herm in left field, ivy tendril in right field; below: signature ΠΡΟΚΛΕΣ. Ref: Jameson 679 (these dies); De Luynes 1069 (these dies); SNG ANS 525 (these dies); Cahn108. Extremely rare. Good metal, old collection patina and well centered. Nearly extremely fine. 20,000 Euro
A daring and art-historically important representation of Silenos from the era of the signing master-engravers.

Julius Caesar. Denarius.

Julius Caesar. Mint moving with Caesar, 49-48 BC. AR denarius, 3.91 gr. Obv: CAESAR; elephant trampling serpent to right. Rev: priestly implements: culullus, aspergillum, securis, axe with wolf’s head at the top and apex. Ref: Crawford 443/1; Sydenham 1006. Obverse slightly off center, nevertheless extremely fine. 1,250 Euro
Acquired privately from J. Schulman in 1974.

Vespasian. Denarius.

Vespasian. Rome, 79 AD. AR denarius, 3.41 gr. Obv: laureate head of Vespasian to the right. Rev: TR POT X COS VIIII; statue of radiate male figure, holding spear and parazonium, standing on rostral column. Ref: RIC 119. Ex NFA XX, 1988, lot 147. Light iridescent tone. Extremely fine. 1,850 Euro

Hadrian. Sestertius.

Hadrian. Rome, 132-134 AD. Æ sestertius, 28.95 gr. Obv: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS; draped and bare-headed bust of Hadrian to the left. Rev: FELICITATI AVG PP / S C; galley moving to the left, with sail, steerman and six rowers; standard and vexillum at the stern; below: COS III. Ref: BMC 1410 var; RIC 706b. Ex Künker 158 2009, lot 604. Scarce variant. Beautiful light green patina. Good very fine. 1,950 Euro

For more information and the upcoming coin shows Agora Numismatiek will be attending, see Agora’s website.

The Fixed-Price List in print can be ordered free of charge via email.