Agora Numismatiek, NL-Uithoorn

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16-09-2015 – 01-01-1970

Fixed-Price List Fall 2015

Agora Numismatiek Publishes its Latest Fixed-Price List

Agora Numismatiek has updated its website with 40 new high quality ancient coins at fixed price. In addition Agora Numismatiek has published its Fixed-Price List for the Fall of 2015 in print.

Selections include the following items:

Lucania, Thurium, ca. 410-400 BC. AR nomos, 8.01 gr. Obv: head of Athena to the right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with Scylla scanning; phi before helmet. Rev: THOURION; bull butting to the left, phi on rump, bird between bull’s legs; in exergue: fish to the left. Ref: ANS 948. Privately purchased from Tradart in the 1980’s. Attractive old cabinet tone. Choice very fine.  € 3,500. A masterpiece of superb classical style signed by master-engraver Phrygillos.

L. Cossutius C.f. Sabula. Rome, 72 BC. AR denarius, 3.86 gr. Obv: SABVLA; head of Medusa to the left, winged and entwined with serpents. Rev: Bellerophon riding Pegasus to the right, hurling spear; behind: XVII, below: L. COSSVTI. C. F. Ref: Crawford 395/1; Sydenham 790; Sear RC 331 (this coin). Ex NFA XXVII (4-5 December 1991), lot 450. Scarce. Extremely Fine. From the Mayflower Collection. € 800.

Antoninus Pius, Rome, 143 AD. AU aureus, 7.35 gr. Obv: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III; laureate head of Antoninus Pius to the right. Rev: IMPERATOR II; Victory standing to the right, holding trophy in both hands. Ref: BMC 492. RIC 109. Calicó 1548. Rare. High relief. Good extremely fine. € 11,500.

Lucilla. Rome, 164 AD. AE as,11.96 gr. Obv: LVCILLA AVGVSTA; draped bust of Lucilla to the right. Rev: IVNO REGINA; Juno, veiled, standing to the left, holding patera and sceptre; at her feet left  peacock; in exergue: S C. Ref: BMC (M. Aurelius) 1221; RIC (M. Aurelius) 1752. Ex NAC 72, 2013, lot 669. Delicate light green patina. Almost extremely fine. € 975.

For more information and the upcoming coin shows Agora Numismatiek will be attending, see Agora’s website.

The Fixed-Price List in print can be ordered free of charge via email.