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28-02-2018 – 01-01-1970

Fixed-Price List 2018

Agora Numismatiek has published its latest Fixed-Price List 2018

Agora Numismatiek has updated its website with 40 new high quality ancient coins at fixed prices. In addition Agora Numismatiek has published its Fixed-Price List for the spring of 2018 in print. Selections include the following items:

Kingdom of Thrace, Lysimachos. Heraclea, ca. 297-282 BC. AR tetradrachm, 16.43 gr. Obv: diademed head of deified Alexander the Great to the right, with horns of Ammon. Rev: Athena seated on throne to the left, holding Nike and elbow on large shield; in exergue: club to the left. Ref: M. Thompson in Essays Robinson 177. Scarce mint. High relief. Extremely fine. 3,000 euros.

Dynasts of Lycia, Mithrapata. Antiphellus, ca. 380-375 BC. AR stater, 9.79 gr. Obv: protome of lion with open jaws to the right. Rev: Methrapata (in Lycian script); bearded head of Mithrapata to the left; behind: triskeles. Ref: BMFA Suppl. 229; Kraay & Hirmer 658 (this coin). Olcay-Mörkholm 66 (dies A3/P5, this coin); von Aulock 4237. Ex Nomos 6 (2012), lot 98, ex Outstanding Collection, Leu 81 (2001), lot 312, ex Bank Leu 13 (1975), lot 273; from the Podalia Hoard of 1957 (IGCH 1262). Nicely toned and with an excellent and well-struck portrait. Extremely fine. 6,500 euros.

Gaius. Lugdunum, ca. 37-38 AD. AR denarius, 3.67 gr. Obv: C CAESAR AVG GERM [P M TR P]OT; bare head of Gaius to the right. Rev: AGRIPPINA MAT C CAES AUG GERM; draped bust of Agrippina to the right, hair falling in plait down neck. Ref: BMC 8; RIC 8. Ex E. Ploil collection, privately purchased in December 1982. Very rare. Wonderful iridescent tone and nearly Extremely fine. 6,000 euros.

Antoninus Pius. Rome, ca. 145-161 AD. AU aureus, 7.38 gr. Obv: ANTONINUS AUG PIUS P P TR P COS IIII; laureate head of Antoninus Pius to the left. Rev: Minerva standing to the left, holding Victory and hand on shield; spear against left arm. Ref: BMC 587 note. RIC 158. Calicò 1460 (this obverse die). Ex Rauch 86 (2010), lot 815. Very rare. A superb portrait of fine style. Lustre. Good extremely fine. 16,000 euros.

On March 3 and 4, 2018 Agora Numismatiek will be attending the Numismata München at stand 749-751.

For more information, coins and other upcoming coin shows Agora Numismatiek will be attending, see Agora’s website.

The Fixed-Price List in print can be ordered free of charge via e-mail.