Agora Numismatiek

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06-09-2017 – 01-01-1970

Fixed-Price List Autumn 2017

Agora Numismatiek publishes its autumn Fixed-Price List

Agora Numismatiek has updated its website with 40 new high quality ancient coins at fixed prices. In addition Agora Numismatiek has published its Fixed-Price List for the autumn of 2017 in print.
Selections include the following items:


Seleucids, Seleukos II. Antioch, ca. 224-226 BC. AR tetradrachm. Very fine. 525 EUR.

Seleucids, Seleukos II. Antioch, ca. 224-226 BC. AR tetradrachm, 16.65 gr. Obv: diademed head of Seleukos II I to the right, pearl border. Rev: Apollo Delphios standing right, holding arrow, leaning on tripod; monograms in left and outer right fields. Ref: SC 689; HGC 9, 303. High relief. Very fine. 525 Euros

Egypt. Ptolemy I Soter. Alexandria, 305-285 BC. AR tetradrachm. Extremely fine. 1,100 EUR.

Egypt, Ptolemy I Soter. Alexandria, 305-285 BC. AR tetradrachm, 14.26 gr. Obv: diademed bust of Ptolemy I to the right, wearing aegis. Rev: eagle standing to the left on thunderbolt; in left field: P above, monogram below. Ref: Svoronos 265; SNG Copenhagen 73. Ex Künker 97 (2005), lot 1012. Graffito on reverse, nevertheless Extremely fine. 1,100 Euros. Signed by the artist D…

Claudius. Rome, 42-43 AD. AE sestertius. Nearly extremely fine. 12,000 EUR.

Claudius. Rome, 42-43 AD. Æ sestertius, 29.8 gr. Obv: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P MT R P IMP P P ; laureate head of Claudius to the right. Rev: EX SC P P OB CIVES SERVATOS; in four lines within oak wreath. Ref: RIC 112; BMC 186. Ex Laurens Schulman 19 (1997), lot 1432. Brown patina; a few areas of minor roughness. Excellent portrait. Nearly extremely fine. 12,000 Euros

Geta as caesar. Laodicea ad Mare, 205-207 AD. AR tetradrachm. Extremely fine. 1,750 EUR.

Geta as caesar. Laodicea ad Mare, 205-207 AD. AR tetradrachm, 13.34 gr. Obv: bareheaded and cuirassed bust of Geta to the right, paludamentum on left shoulder. Rev: eagle standing facing, head and tail to the right, wings spread; star between legs. Ref: Prieur 1135. Very rare with this bust. Extremely fine. 1,750 Euros

For more information and the upcoming coin shows Agora Numismatiek will be attending, see Agora’s website. 

The Fixed-Price List in print can be ordered free of charge via email.