Agora Numismatiek

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01-03-2017 – 01-01-1970

Fixed-Price List Spring 2017

Agora Numismatiek publishes its latest Fixed-Price List

Agora Numismatiek has updated its website with 40 new high quality ancient coins at fixed prices. In addition Agora Numismatiek has published its Fixed-Price List for the Fall of 2016 in print.
Selections include the following items:

Ionia, Herakleia ad Latmos. Tetradrachm. 2,150 Euro.

Ionia, Herakleia ad Latmos. 140-135 BC. AR tetradrachm, 16.56 gr.
Obv: head of Athena Parthenos to the right, wearing helmet decorated with Pegasos and five horses
Rev: Nike with wreath in right hand advancing to the left, a monogram on either side; all within oakwreath.
Ref: SNG Lockett 2823.
Well struck on a full flan. Extremely fine. 2,150 Euro

Vespasian. Ephesus, AD 71. Denarius. 6,000 Euro.

Vespasian. Ephesus, AD 71. AR denarius, 3.38 gr.
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPAS AUG COS III TR P P P; laureate head of Vespasian to the right.
Rev: AVG VESPAS LIBERI IMP; heads of Titus and Domitian facing one another; in field: EPHE.
Ref: BMC 455; RIC 1429; RPC 83. Ex Cayon Subasta, December 2007, lot 3238.
Rare. Good extremely fine. 6,000 Euro. Three superb portraits struck in high relief and with a light iridescent tone.

Didius Julianus. Rome, AD 193. Denarius. 3,250 Euro.

Didius Julianus. Rome, March 28-June 1st AD 193. AR denarius, 2.77 gr.
Obv: IMP CAES M DID IULIAN AUG; laureate head of Didius Julianus to the right.
Rev: CONCORD MILIT Concordia standing to the left, with legionary eagle and vexillum.
Ref: BMC 3; RIC 1.
Struck on a broad flan and complete. Choice very fine. 3,250 Euro

Commodus. Rome, AD 181. Sestertius. 2,750 Euro

Commodus. Rome, AD 181. Sestertius, 22.66 gr.
Obv: M COMMODUS ANTONINUS AUG; laureate, draped bust of Commodus to the right.
Rev: ANN AUG TR P VI IMP IIII COS III P P; Annona standing to the left, cornucopia in left hand, in right grain ears over modius; in fields: SC .
Ref: BMC 45; RIC 307a. Ex Signorelli. Ex Glendining & Seaby sale 1 1927, lot 254; ex Auctiones AG sale 17 1988, lot 647.
An unusual portrait, brown tone. Nearly extremely fine. 2,750 Euro

For more information and the upcoming coin shows Agora Numismatiek will be attending, see Agora’s website.

The Fixed-Price List in print can be ordered free of charge via email.