Agora Auctions

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27-01-2014 – 01-01-1970

Numismatic Sale #4

Agora Auctions offers ancient coins from Middle East

Numismatic Sale #4 of Agora Auctions is now live and closes Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 starting at 12:00 noon EST with lots closing every 30 seconds.

Lot 4-318. Sicily, Syracuse. Dionysios I. 405-367 B.C. PB tetradrachm. Biface lead / Rosa off-metal trial strike. Classical deception plate coin. Estimate: $200.

This sale has 405 lots which include a very special selection of Peter Rosa test strikes from the collection of Wayne G. Sayles, author of Classical Deception. These pieces were used as part of the research when he wrote this book. These are extremely rare as only one or two test strikes were ever made from each die. Some of the uniface pieces are unique and were experiments by Peter Rosa in his attempt to refine his techniques. The dies themselves were donated by Wayne G. Sayles to the American Numismatic Society museum in New York City.

Lot 4-033. Parthian Kingdom. Mithradates I. Ca. 171-138 B.C. AE chalkus. Hekatompylos. Very Rare. Retrograde legend. Estimate: $500.

In addition, this sale is very strong in Eastern material including Bactrian, Kushan, Parthian, Sasanian, Indo-Scythian and Islamic. Other highlights include 1 coin from the Goodman Collection, 1 coin from the Mabbott Collection, 2 coins from the Mt. Angel Abbey Collection; …

Lot 4-342. Continental Currency, $20, 1778. Estimate: $200.

… an unsigned and possibly uncirculated early US note, and a few scarce Cappadocian provincials. There are also a very nice selection of Pre-Columbian, Egyptian and other antiquities.

Agora Auctions are currently in the process of preparing the fifth and sixth sales. If you are interested in consigning items to Agora Auctions, please contact the company to discuss terms and procedures. Agora Auctions offer excellent rates and quick payment.

You can find the auction and bid here.