Agora Auctions and Spartan Numismatics

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29-09-2014 – 01-01-1970

Numismatic Sale #17

Numismatic Sale of Agora Auctions in partnership with Spartan Numismatics

Agora Auctions numismatic sale #17 is now live. With this sale Agora Auctions announces the new partnership with Spartan Numismatics. Spartan Numismatics is part of the Pegasi Numismatics family. Pegasi has been offering quality coins and antiquities to discriminating collectors since 1972.
This sale will be a dedicated auction for Spartan Numismatics and will replace their normal buy-or-bid printed catalog, and will be Spartan sale no. 65. Spartan Numismatics is a well respected company who offers coins selected with an eye on value for money. While the focus is on budget price material, Spartan offers coin in all price ranges.
This sale will also be a “Buy or Bid” sale. This means that you have the option of buying a lot immediately for the estimate or placing a bid which will be treated as a regular big.

Lot 17-019: SICILY, Katana. 450-425 BC. Tetradrachm (17.33 gm). SNG.ANS.1249. Toned VF+. Rare. Estimate: $2,250.

Spartan’s inaugural sale on The Agora Auction’ platform features several desirable types. There are several interesting south Italian Greek coins, including two tetradrachms and a rare cast Hexas. There is a very rare Thraco-Macedonian hemiobol and a very sharp Antipater tetradrachm. You will also find a couple of desirable Athenian tetradrachms and Corinthian staters, must-haves for any collection.

Lot 17-178: ROMAN IMPERATORIAL. Pompey the Great, 46-45 BC. Denarius (3.74 gm). RSC.1. Toned VF. Scarce and Attractive. Estimate: $850.

The Roman offerings are equally impressive. There are several attractive Republican denarii, including Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, and a quinarius of Marc Antony. You will also find a scarce Cappadocian Drachm of Claudius and Nero.

Lot 17-194: VITELLIUS, AD 69. Denarius (3.12 gm) of Rome. RIC.109(S). Toned aVF. Scarce. Estimate: $500.

The Roman Imperial section provides a nice selection of harder to find emperors, such as: Galba, Vitellius, Aelius, Clodius Albinus, Quintillus, and a VF gold solidus of Theodosius II.

Lot 17-284: ANGLO-SAXON. Aethelred II, AD 978-1016. AR Penny (1.40 gm) of Lincoln. S.1154. N.777 Toned VF+, some pecks on rev. Estimate: $750.

The British and Medieval selections are also noteworthy. There are nice pennys from both Aethelred and John Lackland, as well as a Henry VIII half groat. There’s a scarce Anglo-Gallic Richard II and a Carolingian Charles the Bald. There are several other desirable medieval coins from throughout Europe.
As usual, the sale ends with several interesting antiquities from Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, and a few from the eastern empires. This sale should have something for everyone.

More information provides the website of Agora Auctions

… and the website of Spartan Numismatics.