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17-02-2014 – 01-01-1970

Numismatic Sale #5

New online auction is live

Agora Auction’s Numismatic Sale #5 is now live and closes Tuesday, February 18th, 2013 starting at 12:00 noon EST with lots closing every 30 seconds.
This sale has 336 lots which include several coins with pedigrees including five Lucanian silver coins from the Colin Pitchfork collection (some very rare varieties), one English Hammered penny from the North collection (North wrote the series ‘English Hammered Coinage’), two siliquae from the Gussage All Saints Dorset hoard (including an EF Magnus Maximus!) and several British coins from old collections including GF Snelling, JP Mass, John Pittman and Chris Deuton. A few other highlights are: an unlisted Vandalic nummus of Huneric, an extremely rare Parthian dichalkon of Arsakes I, an exceptional archaic bronze of Himera, a rare bronze from the island of Melita, and a very rare countermarked coin from the Island of Gozo during the time of Napoleon.
This sale also has a very nice selection of Eastern and Islamic coinage as well as the usual interesting and diverse offerings of antiquities.

As you may have noticed, the auction house has started branching out into world notes and has included a few rare and uncirculated specimens.

  • Lucania, Herakleia. 433-400 B.C. AR nomos. Ex Colin Pitchfork collection, CP 5081. Ex Numismatic Ars Classica Auction Sale April 4, 1995.
  • Sicily, Himera. Ca. 430-420 B.C. AE hemilitron. Cast coinage. Reduced standard. Ex Stacks Bowers ANA sale, 20 Sept 2013.
  • Caria, Myndos. Mid 2nd century B.C. AR drachm. Theodoros, magistrate.
  • Sakaraukae or Indo-Parthian. Late first century B.C. AR drachm.
  • Galilaea, Tiberias. Hadrian. A.D. 117-138. AE 24. Dated year 101=A.D. 119/20.

  • Julius Caesar. 49-48 B.C. AR denarius. Military mint traveling with Caesar.
  • Domitian. A.D. 81-96. AV aureus. Rome, A.D. 81.

  • Magnus Maximus. A.D. 383-388. AR siliqua. Trier, A.D. 392-395. Ex Gussage All Saints Dorset hoard. Spink 12026, lot 433.
  • Vandals, Carthage. Huneric?. 447-484. AE nummus. Extremely Rare.
  • Buwayhid. Baha al-Dawla. 379-403/989-1012. AV dinar. Suq al-Ahwaz , 397 A.H..
  • INDIA, British India. Bombay Presidency. 1613-1835. AR rupee. Mumbai, AH 11xx, year 6.

  • Italy, Milan. Gian Galaezzo Maria Sforza. 1480-1494. AR grosso da 5 soldi.

Agora Auctions are currently in the process of preparing the sixth and seventh sales. If you are interested in consigning items to Agora Auctions, please contact the auction house to discuss terms and procedures.

You can find the complete auction catalogue online.