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Why Is There A Shortage of Small Change in the Philippines?

...there has been a shortage of small change in the Southeast Asian country for years. That’s no surprise, one may think. The joint operation of the police, customs, coastguard and... (8 Treffer im Text)

Why can’t we get rid of small change in most of the modern vending...

...order to complete the amount. In this way, a lot of small denominations reenter the circulation. Why do Spanish vending machines take small change? And why do others not the... (10 Treffer im Text)

Airtime instead of small change

August 14, 2012 – Immaterial airtime seems to be the solution to a vital problem of Zimbabwean economy: the overwhelming, ubiquitous lack of coins and hence of small change. Since... (8 Treffer im Text)

India Grapples with Small Change Dilemma of the small denomination currencies or coins.” Rajwada Cloth Market Merchant Association President Dhanraj Wadhwani told the same newspaper, “In the absence of small denomination currencies, we issue coupons... (8 Treffer im Text)

Surcharge of the Money Changers

...did not carry large amounts of small change. Instead they carried money in the largest denominations possible, and therefore the money changers also served the important function of breaking these... (38 Treffer im Text)

Round table on ‘small change’ ‘small change’ or bronze and copper coins from Antiquity to the nineteenth century. Papers are still accepted and may be sent directly to the programme coordinator Georges Depeyrot. All... (2 Treffer im Text)

Four and a half centuries of Peruvian coins

...the minting of small nickel and copper small coins as a way to address the lack of small change. The Mint had to acquire adequate machinery to cope with this... (23 Treffer im Text)

Money in Other Societies: Traditional Means of Payment from the Kuhn Collection – Part... for the much sought-after ivory and the necessary slaves. Nevertheless, cowries were still being used up into the 20th century as a popular form of small change. Thus in... (19 Treffer im Text)

DAMIN Congress in Paris

...the exchange and its frequency. Proximate exchanges tend to be of small value and to be made more frequently than distant ones. In addition, in agricultural societies, the former is... (17 Treffer im Text)

The People of Zurich and their Money 3: At the Market in Zurich

...up three changeover sites, with two smaller branches, one on each side of the Limmat. There, smaller amounts under 120 pfennigs (= 10 shillings) could be exchanged. Anyone who had... (17 Treffer im Text)